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At Tomeny Best, we are committed to serving our community and want to raise awareness and work to make a difference. We created a scholarship to award students making a difference in their communities with compassion for animals in need. After carefully reviewing over 100 applications, we are excited to announce the winner of our 2023 Furever Home Scholarship!

2023 Furever Home Scholarship Winner: Gabrielle Riley


My name is Gabrielle Riley. I am the daughter of Jonilea and Charles Riley. I live in Savannah,
Georgia with my mom. I am currently a Senior at Islands High School, and I am in the Veterinary
Science Program.

I am a member of the Future Farmers of America, National Honor Society, Senior Leadership Program and play H.S. and Club Volleyball. Outside of my academics and clubs, I assist fostering dogs for Renegades Paws Rescue. I have a love of all animals. I actually found my dog, Bambi, this way. She was my foster, and I decided to keep her. I foster other dogs and prepare them socially to be adopted to a loving family. I also work at an internship at a doggy daycare called Dogtopia. I am responsible for 10-15 little dogs on a daily basis. I also volunteer at feral cat spaying and neutering clinics, at local veterinary offices, and assist at the local Animal Humane Society.

Last summer, I spent a week-long internship with the Department of Natural Resources and
found my passion was with Environmental Wildlife. I want to make a change in how we treat our
wildlife, animals, our plants, and the planet. We waste too many resources, and I want to be able
to study how to achieve the same outcomes in a less wasteful way. I want to help wildlife by
preserving the environment in which they live.

Upon graduation, I will be attending Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and majoring in
Natural Resources/Wildlife Management. I hope to pursue a career in the Department of Natural
Resources as a Wildlife Biologist or Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Reaction Statement

I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of
your support. I was extremely honored to be chosen.

I am currently at Islands High School in the Veterinary Program in Savannah, GA, and plan on
going to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in the fall. The financial assistance you have
provided will be of great help to me in paying for my educational expenses and will allow me to
spend more of my time studying. By awarding this scholarship, it will also help me
concentrate on my extracurricular studies like fieldwork and wildlife internships. I have chosen
to attend a school out of the Savannah area because the local colleges did not have the degree
I was passionate about. I chose ABAC because it will help me succeed in obtaining my degree
in Natural Resources/Wildlife Management. My passion is to be a Wildlife Biologist and make a
change in our Wildlife Conservation. This scholarship will assist my mother with the full financial
burden of paying for my school, living expenses, and meal plan.


Congratulations Gabrielle! And thank you to everyone who applied to our 2023 Furever Home Scholarship!

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best