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Losing bodily function because of another person’s misconduct is traumatizing and infuriating. When you have recently become paralyzed in an accident, you can demand civil compensation for the effects of your injury. However, navigating the legal system, especially when injured, can be overwhelming.

Paraplegia can be a particularly complex injury to build a robust civil claim, which is why it is essential to hire a skilled paralysis injury attorney. From initial investigations into the cause of your injury to the final resolution of your case, your Prairieville paraplegia injury lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to maximize your recovery and protect your best interests.

Types of Paraplegia

Various forms of paralysis can stem from nerve damage or brain trauma. Paraplegia—the loss of sensory and motor function below the waist—almost always stems from damage to the spinal cord’s lower thoracic, lumbar, or sacral sections. Traumatic accidents such as motor vehicle crashes or unexpected falls are the most common sources of these injuries. Still, paraplegia can also originate from tumors, cysts, infections, and other medical conditions interfering with the spinal cord’s function.

The severity of paraplegia depends on whether the injury is “complete” or not—in other words, whether it involves severance of the spinal cord to the brain. Incomplete injuries may permit long-term recovery through intensive medical and therapeutic treatment. However, complete injuries are likely permanent, causing loss of function below the injury site. Support from a seasoned Prairieville paraplegia injury attorney could be essential to getting the most money from an ensuing settlement demand or lawsuit.

Liability in a Paraplegia Claim

Recoverable damages in a paraplegia accident claim will vary depending on a plaintiff’s unique severe injuries, but they typically cover losses like:

  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Emotional and psychological suffering
  • Lost working capacity and/or work income/benefits
  • Disability-related costs for things like home/vehicle modifications and assistive equipment

No matter how severe a paraplegia injury is, making another person pay financially for its effects typically requires proving that person was legally “negligent.” As a qualified paraplegia lawyer in Prairieville could further explain, this entails showing the injury stemmed from a specific reckless or careless act by a defendant, constituting a “breach” of a duty they had to act responsibly.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Prairieville Paraplegia Injury Attorney

There is no shortage of legal and procedural obstacles that can get in your way while pursuing compensation for the effects of paraplegia. If you attempt to file a lawsuit on your own, you may face challenges in successfully seeking the compensation to which you are entitled under Louisiana state law.

Guidance from a knowledgeable Prairieville paraplegia injury lawyer could help you secure a favorable case result. Call Tomeny | Best today to schedule a free consultation.


Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best