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The legal term “premises liability” describes a type of personal injury lawsuit that applies to accidents on another person’s property. The injuries that result from these accidents could leave you with significant medical bills and other hardships. However, to successfully pursue a premises liability case, you must show that the property owner failed to take reasonable steps to prevent your injury.

A Lafayette premises liability attorney could help you seek justice following an accident on someone else’s property. Let a skilled injury attorney at Tomeny | Best help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Common Examples of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases can involve injuries on private or public property. They can also occur indoors or outside. Some of the most common examples of premises liability cases include:

  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Drowning
  • Animal attacks
  • Ceiling collapses
  • Negligent security accidents

When it comes to premises liability cases, the important question for determining whether a plaintiff has a valid claim to compensation is whether a property owner acted reasonably in trying to prevent injuries from occurring. If the property owner does not take reasonable steps to make sure their property is safe, for example, by failing to clean a spill or provide proper signage indicating a hazard, they could be liable for injuries that result. An experienced premises liability attorney serving Lafayette could investigate the cause of an accident occurring on someone else’s property to determine if there is a solid basis for legal action.

Recoverable Damages in Premises Liability Claims

If someone successfully builds a compensation claim that demonstrates negligence within filing deadlines, they could recover different categories of financial compensation. Some examples of these types of damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

While some of these damages may have a clear financial value, others, such as emotional distress, are more subjective. A plaintiff has the burden of proving the value of their damages, which may involve different types of evidence. Depending on the circumstances, evidence of damages can include medical records, witness testimonies, and employment records. A knowledgeable attorney could investigate a premises liability claim to determine the types of compensation that might be available to an injured party in Lafayette.

Legal Deadlines in Dangerous Property Cases

State law establishes legal deadlines for every type of personal injury case, commonly referred to as the statute of limitations. Generally, an injury victim has one year to file a lawsuit or otherwise resolve their case. If a plaintiff waits to file a lawsuit until after the statute expires, they can expect the judge to dismiss the case with prejudice. This ends the lawsuit as well as any hope of negotiating any future settlement with the property owner.

A Lafayette premises liability attorney could assist with navigating relevant legal deadlines.

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If you suffered injuries on someone else’s property, you could have the right to pursue compensation. However, establishing negligence in these claims can be challenging. A successful premises liability case is built on evidence that the property owner or occupier did not make a reasonable effort to keep you safe.

Fortunately, a seasoned Lafayette premises liability lawyer could work on your behalf throughout the claims process. Call Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers today to learn more about how we could help you. Your initial consultation is free.

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