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Buses form a major and important part of the travel infrastructure in the Baton Rouge area. They allow people who might not otherwise be able to travel to move around town or across the country. Unfortunately, the presence of buses is often a serious hazard on the road. Their large size makes them slow to react to an emergency and creates blind spots that can hide smaller vehicles. In addition, their drivers may be overworked and drowsy, leading them to be unaware of their surroundings on the road.

These factors combine to lead to an increased rate of collisions involving buses and other vehicles. Those who suffer injuries in these crashes could be able to seek out compensation for their losses. A Baton Rouge bus accident lawyer could fight to obtain fair compensation from negligent bus drivers, their insurance companies, and their employers. Let a dedicated member of our legal team at Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers pursue your case while you focus on recovering.

Holding All Responsible Parties Liable After a Bus Crash

As travelers on public roads, bus drivers have an obligation under the law to keep others on the road safe. This includes other drivers, passengers in other vehicles, pedestrians, and even the riders within the buses. Any action that a bus driver takes that endangers those people and results in an injury could leave them liable for resulting damage.

However, a bus driver is generally not the only party carrying legal liability for a crash. All buses must maintain insurance policies that provide protection against the personal injuries of others. Seeking compensation through an insurance claim is the most common way of demanding payments after a crash, and a Baton Rouge bus accident attorney could represent the interests of an injured party during these negotiations.

In addition, the bus driver’s employer is also likely to share blame for a crash. A legal concept called respondeat superior states that employers are jointly liable for the actions of their employees while on the clock. If the crash was the result of an accident and not intentional misconduct, a busing company or even a government municipality could be a joint defendant in a demand for compensation.

Taking the Lead in Seeking Out Full Compensation

Obtaining full compensation after a bus crash requires an individual to prove two main concepts: that the bus driver’s actions were the cause of the crash and that the crash caused a physical injury and other losses. A Baton Rouge bus collision lawyer could demonstrate both key concepts in a compensation claim.

Proving Fault for a Collision

No demand for compensation will be successful if a person cannot prove fault for the accident. It is necessary to show that the bus driver was at least half to blame for the incident if a person wants to collect appropriate payments. An attorney could work to collect vital evidence concerning the crash, such as:

  • Police reports
  • Dashcam footage
  • Witness statements

It is vital to obtain this information quickly as Louisiana Civil Code § 3492 sets a time limit of one year following an injury on all personal injury cases.

Showing How the Event Changed a Person’s Life

Injured people also bear the responsibility of demonstrating how a collision has affected their lives. This can include medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost income, and other losses. A knowledgeable Baton Rouge attorney could work to obtain the information needed to seek out full compensation from all liable parties after a bus wreck.

Reach Out to a Baton Rouge Bus Accident Attorney Right Away

The days and hours following a bus crash are critical for protecting your legal rights. You will need to obtain the evidence necessary to prove that a bus driver’s actions were the cause of the accident. At the same time, you will likely need medical attention to make your best recovery. It is no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed.

Allowing a Baton Rouge bus accident lawyer to take the lead in your case can help to set your mind at ease. A compassionate attorney could fight to pursue the compensation that you deserve while you work to get your life back on track. Give us a call at Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers to learn more about what our dedicated team could do for you.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best