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Paralysis injuries can happen in an instant. Whether it’s a fall from a substantial height or a motor vehicle crash, few things are more traumatizing and horrifying than suffering a permanent and debilitating paralysis injury.

Throughout Baton Rouge, many people suffer precisely this type of injury, and in many cases, there is little they can do to seek financial recovery. However, in some situations, negligence may be one of the causes of paralysis in Baton Rouge. When someone else is responsible for permanently paralyzing another individual, the responsible party should be held accountable. Consult a paralysis injury attorney at Tomeny | Best for assistance with filing your claim.

What Causes Most Paralysis Injuries?

A paralysis injury is when some event results in damage to the spine or brain, leading to the permanent or temporary loss of some or all feeling and mobility of a part of the body. A person can have paralysis in their hands, feet, legs, arms, or even their face. The most common causes of paralysis include:

Paralysis caused by natural health decline is rarely caused by negligence, except in cases involving medical malpractice. More commonly, when someone suffers an acute or immediate paralysis injury in Baton Rouge, it is because of incidents like falls, work injuries, and motor vehicle collisions. Seeking compensation requires proving that someone else was directly responsible for causing the underlying injury or event and the resulting paralysis.

Types of Damages Available in Louisianna Paralysis Cases

After a paralysis injury, it is best to seek support from a dedicated legal professional. A skilled attorney could help someone secure compensation for the damage caused by the incident. A person could be compensated for three primary types of damages: special, general, and punitive.

Special Damages

Special damages have a clear economic value and may include medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, medical devices, and medications.

General Damages

General damages can be just as serious as general damages but are harder to assign an objective numerical value. Examples include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of companionship.

Punitive Damages

Finally, punitive damages are designed to punish or deter certain behaviors and are only available in very limited situations in Louisiana, such as an intoxicated driver. No matter the cause of paralysis, a Baton Rouge attorney could ensure an injured person and their family get substantial monetary damages.

Consult Baton Rouge Attorneys Who Can Speak to the Common Causes of Paralysis

Many people are shocked when they realize how expensive it can be to get through life with paralysis. By working with a competent trial lawyer with years of experience handling serious injury claims, you may be able to work with a host of trained experts, such as physicians, expert witnesses, and lifecare planners. By understanding the causes of paralysis in Baton Rouge, you can seek comprehensive compensation for your injuries.

To file a personal injury claim, speak to an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible. Call Tomeny | Best today to schedule a consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best