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Suffering a head injury can upend your life, causing significant physical and emotional stress. Louisiana law empowers injured individuals to pursue compensation when they experience brain damage, concussions, or contusions due to someone else’s actions. Consider talking to a skilled TBI attorney to help you identify and assert your legal rights when in this situation.

At Tomeny | Best, we know the many causes of traumatic brain injuries in Baton Rouge. Our experienced team has pursued justice for mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and grandparents who acquired a head injury because of someone else’s carelessness.

Common Incidents That Lead to TBIs

Various activities can lead to someone suffering a headwound. For example, people who participate in sports like soccer and football hit their heads routinely, often leading to concussions. Likewise, falls, trips, and car crashes are frequent sources of brain injuries of varying severity.

If an injured person can draw a connection between someone else’s behavior and their injuries, they may be entitled to legal damages to cover the cost of damages like medical treatments. A trusted lawyer familiar with the common reasons TBIs in Baton Rouge occur could take legal action against the at-fault individual or company.

Proving Negligence in a TBI Claim

Under Louisiana Civil Code Annotated § 2315, those who harm others may be legally liable for the damages victims suffer. To be eligible for compensation, a plaintiff must prove that the negligent person injured them. This feat can be accomplished by proving the elements of negligence with valid evidence. To establish negligence, there must be proof that:

  1. The defendant owed a plaintiff a duty of care to act reasonably to prevent harm to others
  2. The defendant breached their duty of care, failing to act by a general standard of care
  3. There is a direct connection between the defendant’s negligent actions and the plaintiff’s injuries
  4. The plaintiff suffered harm or damages—whether that be physical injury, medical expenses, or financial losses

Dedicated attorneys in Baton Rouge can assist an injured individual in building their case against the negligent party. Seasoned legal professionals know what evidence to request, how to find it, and how to appropriately use it during negotiations and in the courtroom.

Our Baton Rouge Attorneys Help People After Accidents That Cause TBIs

A traumatic brain injury can strip you of your ability to enjoy life as you once did.  You deserve full recovery without bearing the financial burden of harm caused by another person By filing a legal claim, you can get justice by recovering monetary damages.

When you are injured from one of the many causes of traumatic brain injuries in Baton Rouge, our team is ready to help you. Contact a capable personal injury lawyer at Tomeny | Best to set up your initial consultation today.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best