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State law requires that all motorists must yield to pedestrians crossing the street using a crosswalk. Sadly, drivers often ignore this law and inflict severe harm upon pedestrians. People walking down the street may also sustain injuries if they are jaywalking, a car jumps over the curb, or a vehicle is pushed off the road. Every case is unique, but pedestrian accident claims often have a negligent driver in common.

If you have sustained severe harm because of a careless driver, a Plaquemine or Iberville Parish pedestrian accident lawyer could help you to understand your rights in the situation and pursue appropriate compensation. Contact the injury attorneys at Tomeny | Best today to start building your claim for damages.

How Does the Law Handle Pedestrian Accidents?

Most collisions between pedestrians and vehicles are accidental, but often are caused by the carelessness or recklessness of a driver. The law allows injured pedestrians to file negligence claims for their losses suffered in an accident.

All drivers owe a duty of care to everyone else they encounter when behind the wheel, including pedestrians. A negligence claim could be successful if an injured plaintiff can prove that the defendant driver owed them a duty of care and subsequently violated that duty and caused an accident.

The main portion of a pedestrian collision case centers on the actions of the pedestrian and driver. The most straightforward way for a plaintiff to potentially win their case is to prove that the driver was in violation of a law at the time of the collision. However, establishing legal fault is not so simple. Factors such as the weather at the time of the incident, the volume of traffic, the level of available light, and the presence of traffic control systems could make all the difference in determining blame. A Plaquemine or Iberville Parish attorney could work to obtain the information needed to build a powerful pedestrian accident case against a negligent driver within the one-year statute of limitations presented by Louisiana Civil Code § 3492.

What Types of Injuries Can Occur in Pedestrian Accidents?

Any type of car accident is a serious matter, but when one person is completely unprotected, their potential for injury is much greater. Even the slightest contact is enough to push a pedestrian to the ground. At higher speeds, the vehicle may throw a pedestrian into the air or pin them to the ground. These high forces could cause serious injuries, including:

Any pedestrian accident claim needs to consider not only the physical impact, but also the emotional trauma that results from the collision. Injured parties may require months of painful rehabilitation that places great strain on their mental health. On top of this, they may miss time at work because of their damages. An Iberville Parish and Plaquemine attorney understands the profound impact that pedestrian accidents can have on their clients, and could help pursue fair payment for such losses.

Let an Iberville Parish Pedestrian Accident Attorney Get to Work for You

Pedestrian accidents have the potential to inflict severe, life-altering harm. The impact could have deep physical and mental ramifications on an injured person. A Plaquemine or Iberville Parish pedestrian accident lawyer could work tirelessly to represent your needs in negotiations with a defendants’ insurance company.

Our dedicated personal injury attorneys fully investigate every claim to give our clients a fighting chance at success. The time to file a claim may be short, so do not delay. Contact the law offices of Tomeny | Best today to schedule your consultation.

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