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When visiting another person’s property, you have a reasonable expectation that you will be safe from harm. In fact, Louisiana state premises liability laws require that landowners must provide relatively safe conditions for their guests or warn of any unsafe condition. If the property owner fails to do this, then they may be held liable for an injury sustained on their property.

An Iberville Parish premises liability lawyer could help you to meet this high legal standard. A personal injury attorney at Tomeny | Best could work to establish your rights under the law, evaluate the actions of a landowner that led to an injury, and demand proper compensation in settlement talks and at trial.

What is a Premises Liability Claim?

Every landowner in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, and throughout the state must take appropriate steps to reasonably protect visitors from harm. Whenever someone visits the land of another party, they are subject to that owner’s choices concerning upkeep, preventative measures, and even the criminal actions of third parties.

A premises liability claim is a demand for payment because of a landowner’s failure to keep a guest safe. A Plaquemine or Iberville Parish attorney could provide more information about the legal basis for a premises liability claim.

Understanding the Merchant Exception in Iberville Parish

All landowners must take appropriate steps to protect their invited guests from harm. However, the law also requires people seeking compensation from commercial property owners, or “merchants”, to prove an additional legal concept.

According to Louisiana Revised Statute § 9:2800.6, individuals seeking compensation from commercial landowners must show that the landowner knew or should have known of the hazard that caused the injury and that this hazard posed an unreasonable risk of harm. A local premises liability attorney could provide more information about this vital concept.

Reach Out to an Iberville Parish Premises Liability Attorney Today

Local landowners may be required to take the appropriate steps to keep their guests safe from harm. This duty could include not only protecting against incidents such as slips and falls. This duty could extend to the provision of a safe structure, placing proper lighting to deter attackers, and even having adequate security.

A Plaquemine or Iberville Parish premises liability lawyer could help pursue your case for all appropriate compensation. They could work to establish your rights as a visitor as well as to uncover evidence that proves landowner negligence. Contact the law offices of Tomeny | Best to speak with a dedicated attorney about your case.

Tomeny Best

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