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When a loved one passes away, working through grief while trying to handle finances can be overwhelming. Our diligent wrongful death attorneys at Tomeny | Best understand that no dollar amount could ever replace a person’s life, but we could help you navigate the lawsuit settlement process so that you do not have to go through it alone.

Our practiced lawyers play a critical role in negotiating Lafayette wrongful death settlements. Our legal team could help you evaluate a fair settlement amount so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your claim and ensure that you are not taken advantage of with a low-ball offer.

Damages Frequently Linked to Wrongful Death

While every case is different, wrongful death cases frequently involve the same types of damages:

  • Special damages refer to damages based on financial losses
  • General damages refer to damages based on non-financial losses
  • Punitive damages punish wrongdoers in some circumstances

When a loved one passes away, the family loses their future wages and other necessary benefits like medical insurance, which is why special damages may be awarded. A Lafayette family may be entitled to the value of the lost benefits and any other financial losses as part of a wrongful death settlement.

General Damages

General damages include the loss of love and companionship, which are often called loss of consortium in other states. It also covers pain and suffering, which is the emotional trauma and grief related to death. In addition, people can recover from the loss of care they would get, which is particularly relevant for surviving children.

Punitive Damages

In rare circumstances, the court may order punitive damages, which means an attorney could seek those damages in a wrongful death settlement. Punitive damages punish wrongdoers for specific egregious behavior.

Limits on Wrongful Death Settlements

The state does not explicitly cap wrongful death settlements. However, it does apply a $500,000 cap to medical malpractice cases and cases against the government.

When the cap applies, it could significantly limit the ability to recover a large settlement. A Lafayette lawyer could look at the situation to see if there are other potential defendants, which may increase the compensation available for a wrongful death settlement.

Contact a Lafayette Attorney to Learn More About Your Wrongful Death Settlement Options

To decide whether a settlement offer is fair, you need to compare that offer to jury awards in similar cases. Working with a local lawyer at Tomeny | Best who will be involved in your settlement negotiation process is crucial to ensuring that you receive the settlement you deserve. Our experienced legal team will advocate for you from start to finish and ensure that all avenues of recovery are explored for a Lafayette wrongful death settlement.

Our team could discuss the merits of your case, determine whether any caps apply, and provide a potential estimate of settlement values. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best