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Thank you to everyone who applied to the 2023 Furever Home Scholarship! This scholarship is now closed and we have chosen a winner. Please visit our winners page to recognize the winner of our scholarship!


It is easy to believe that all pet owners are kind and loving caretakers. Behind closed doors, statistics reveal an alarming story of animal cruelty, abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Many fail to recognize that domestic pet abuse is real and must be stopped. At Tomeny Best, we are committed to serving our community and want to raise awareness and work to make a difference. That is why we are proud to announce our 2023 Furever Home Scholarship. 

For this scholarship, we are looking for incoming college students or graduates passionate about making a difference in their communities with compassion for animals in need. We ask applicants to write about ways the community can come together to protect animals and eliminate abusive situations. In your essay, give examples of ways you are personally creating change or what policies could be implemented to help those who are unable to care for their animals properly.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is February 28, 2023. Once this deadline passes, we will carefully review all applicants, and one student will be selected to receive an award of $1,000.


  • The scholarship is open to any current high school seniors enrolled in the upcoming semester, vocational students, college students, or graduate students who are legal residents of the United States residing in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia are allowed to apply.
  • Candidates for this scholarship should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher and be in good overall academic standing.
  • Employees of Tomeny Best, their immediate families (parent, child, sibling, and spouse), and persons living in the same households as such individuals (whether related or not), are not eligible to participate in the competition. 

Application Requirements

  • The candidate must submit a 750-1000 word essay response to the prompt: One of our passions at Tomeny Best is helping animals in need find a loving home. For this scholarship, we are asking applicants to write about animal rescue and how we can come together as a community to help save animals in abusive situations or those who are not getting the proper care they deserve. 
  • The candidate must submit a professional resumé that lists their professional and academic experience.
  • The candidate must submit a transcript from their current school. First-year college students, graduate students, or individuals who have recently transferred schools may submit an unofficial transcript from their current school and the most recent official transcript from their prior school. High school students must also submit proof of acceptance to their college or university.

The recipient of the Furever Home Scholarship will be chosen during the month following the scholarship deadline.

Application Deadline and Instructions:

To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must email their essay, resumé, and transcript to by Feb 28, 2023. Any applications sent after this date will not be considered.

Students should send scholarship applications with the subject line “Tomeny Best – 2023 Furever Home Scholarship Application.”

Please send any questions to that email address as well.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best