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Incidents that result in paralysis are always serious matters. In most cases, these are permanent injuries that affect every part of a person’s life. When someone else’s negligence causes your paralysis, it is crucial to recognize that you have the right to fair compensation. Although no amount of money cannot return you to your pre-injury state, it can provide some financial stability moving forward.

An Iberville Parish paralysis injury lawyer could help you exercise your right to compensation. Talking with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney serving the Plaquemine area now allows us to promptly get to work for you.

Paralysis Injuries are Often Lifelong and Debilitating

Paralysis describes any medical condition that prevents a person from having direct control over their body. Most often, this condition involves a person losing the ability to move certain limbs. However, paralysis may also describe a loss of control over internal organs, which may lead to needing a mechanical aid to breathe.

Paralysis occurs when the brain loses the ability to communicate with the affected parts of the body. Direct trauma to certain body parts, spinal cord damage, or even direct trauma to the brain can sever this connection and leave injured people unable to control all or parts of their bodies.

When another party’s recklessness or carelessness is at the center of a paralysis injury, an injury claim could be a viable option for seeking justice and getting fair payments. An effective claim for compensation must evaluate the impact of this event on every part of a person’s life. Recoverable damages may include the medical care that these injuries demand and any changes in a person’s quality of life and daily routine, including their ability to support themselves and their families. An Iberville Parish paralysis injury attorney is ready to explore the full cost of paralysis on an injured person’s life and place a dollar value on their case.

How a Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after a paralysis accident allows them to provide assistance when it is needed most. An attorney serving the Plaquemine area could help gather evidence and build a powerful case against the people and companies that may be held responsible for an injury. Though there are many ways someone’s reckless actions can cause a victim to suffer from paralysis, common examples of liable parties in these cases include:

A paralysis injury lawyer in Iberville Parish could also work to negotiate proper payments from insurance companies and file formal lawsuits in civil court. However, it is critical to take action promptly. Louisiana Civil Code § 3492 places a time limit of one year from the date of injury to pursue a case in court. Acting quickly provides people with the best chance of receiving a positive outcome.

Let a Plaquemine Paralysis Injury Attorney Fight for You

Suffering from paralysis due to the reckless actions of another person can be a devastating experience. Permanent changes to your body and life may be difficult to manage while pursuing legal action to hold others accountable.

An Iberville Parish paralysis injury lawyer is ready to take the lead on your behalf. Our team could work to gather information about the incident, determine how the injury has impacted your life, and seek proper payments from negligent parties. Contact Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best