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All motor vehicles have blind spots where drivers cannot see their surroundings. The size of tractor-trailers means they have more and larger blind spots than other vehicles, leaving truck drivers more prone to accidents. These drivers have a legal duty to act responsibly on the road and use available technology to help navigate their blind spots.

When truck drivers do not drive with the size of their vehicle in mind, blind spot truck accidents in Iberville Parish and Plaquemine can lead to devastating injuries for occupants in smaller vehicles. A diligent truck wreck attorney could help prove how a truck driver was liable and pursue compensation from all at-fault parties.

How Do Blind Spot Truck Wrecks Happen?

Trucks have larger tires and are wider, longer, and taller than most passenger vehicles. This size means that trucks have blind spots, otherwise known as no-zones, in the front, back, and on either side of their vehicle. If a car or pedestrian is in one of these blind spots, the truck driver will not be able to see them. However, these drivers are expected to exercise caution and use their mirrors and other available technology to check blind spots and prevent accidents.

Blind spot truck accidents can happen anywhere a regular car accident can, but with heightened risk due to the size and slow response time of these larger vehicles. Even simple maneuvers to help avoid a collision may be difficult in a tractor-trailer. Blind spot collisions in Iberville Parish commonly occur when a truck driver is accelerating, making a tight turn, backing up, or changing lanes without full visibility and proper precautions. Trucks making deliveries may also make unpredictable movements in neighborhoods and city roads without checking their blind spots first.

Seeking Compensation After a Blind Spot Truck Collision

Truck accidents can cause massive property damage and severe bodily harm to pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles. Common injuries that can result from blind spot truck accidents in Plaquemine include:

Many of these injuries require expensive medical care. When a truck driver is responsible for this harm, the injured party is entitled to economic and non-economic damages to help alleviate these financial burdens.

In most personal injury cases, a plaintiff files a claim for these damages directly against another negligent driver. Though truck drivers can be held individually at fault, most drivers are employed by a parent company that can also bear legal liability. Pursuing compensation from either party requires plaintiffs in Plaquemine to demonstrate how a truck driver or company’s negligence directly caused a blind spot accident.

Comparative Fault Laws May Affect Compensation

In any vehicle accident case, state law gives the court the power to assign a percentage of fault to each driver. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, for example, if a driver ran a red light before being struck by a truck, a judge may reduce their settlement by the percentage of fault they are assigned. Connecting with an experienced truck wreck attorney could be critical to building a strong case that demonstrates how a truck company or driver should be held liable and combats unfair accusations of fault.

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Anyone who drives a truck or large vehicle must know and check spots where they have limited visibility on the road. Blind spot truck accidents in Iberville Parish and Plaquemine result in catastrophic injuries that require expensive long-term care and rehabilitation.

Our legal team could determine who is liable for a truck accident and help pursue compensation that considers your needs for the present and future. Schedule a free consultation with Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers to get started.

Tomeny Best

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