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When an accident leaves you or a loved one paralyzed, you deserve financial restitution. These injuries are not only physically devastating but can also be financially and emotionally damaging.

Consult a local catastrophic injury attorney as quickly as possible if you suffered a paralytic injury and you believe another party bears responsibility. The law offers only a short time to act—one year from the date of injury, in most cases. A Lafayette paralysis injury lawyer could explain your legal options and pursue the strategy that results in maximum compensation for your injuries.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis refers to the partial or complete loss of function and sensation in a body part. Paralysis may be permanent, but, depending on the cause, some patients regain significant functioning in the affected body part with prompt and competent medical treatment.

Anyone seeking compensation for paralysis must demonstrate that another party’s negligence contributed to the condition. Negligence is failing to use the appropriate degree of caution or care that a situation requires or that a reasonably prudent would exercise in similar circumstances. A Lafayette attorney could review the situation that led to an individual’s paralysis and determine whether another party’s lack of reasonable care contributed to the injury.

Causes of Paralytic Injuries

Various accidents could lead to paralysis. Falls and vehicle accidents are common causes. Paralysis from these types of accidents usually results from spinal cord injuries.

Drowning, suffocation, and other accidents that deprive the brain of oxygen also could lead to paralysis. Blows to the head, such as one might experience in an industrial explosion or roof collapse, could cause paralysis depending on the area of the brain that absorbed the injury. A skilled Lafayette lawyer could look into the exact cause of a particular paralysis injury and work to determine who might be at fault.

Damages in Paralyzing Injury Cases

Under Louisiana Civil Code § 2315, a party who causes an injury to someone else can be held liable for the injured party’s damages. An injured person’s damages compensate for the out-of-pocket and subjective losses they suffered due to their injury. There are two types of damages in Louisiana that someone can pursue after a serious injury: special damages and or general damages.

Special damages cover documentable losses like medical and rehabilitation expenses, psychological or psychiatric treatment to cope with the effects of paralysis, and lost income. If the person cannot return to their previous employment due to paralysis, their economic damages could cover their diminished future earning capacity.

General damages are often referred to as pain and suffering. An injured person could seek damages for their physical pain, disability, lost ability to enjoy life, and emotional suffering. In some cases, family members are entitled to damages for the loss of their loved one’s consortium. A Lafayette paralysis attorney could explain what damages are available in a specific case.

Contact a Lafayette Attorney After a Paralysis Injury

Paralysis can have a profound impact on a person’s life. When another party’s failure to exercise reasonable care caused the situation that led to the paralysis, the negligent party owes compensation to the injured person.

A Lafayette paralysis injury lawyer could manage your claim and help ensure you receive fair and prompt damages. Reach out to Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your case. You do not owe us a cent unless we win for you.


Tomeny Best

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