More Car Accidents Result Due to Lack of Vehicle Maintenance

When was the last time you got your vehicle inspected?

Typically, car accidents result from negligence of some sort. Whether its from texting and driving, or to drinking and driving. However, sometimes the cause of the accident occurs long before the action actually happened. All drivers are obliged to operate their vehicles in a reasonable manner and to have their vehicles frequently inspected so that they do not drive unsafe vehicles on the roads. Drivers who drive unsafe vehicles may not realize it, but they’re not only putting their lives in danger, they put others in harms way as well.

Many states nowadays require residents to do a yearly inspection while others do not. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for example, requires its drivers to do a yearly inspection. Drivers can be cited for failing to maintain their vehicles to state standards and poor maintenance can still be a basis for civil liability following an accident involving:

  • Improperly inflated, bald or otherwise excessively worn tires
  • Worn out or malfunctioning brakes
  • Nonfunctioning lights and indicators
  • Missing mirrors
  • Nonfunctioning or ineffective windshield wipers
  • Malfunctioning safety devices

When a person takes to the streets in an unsafe and poorly maintained car, it is more than his or her own life that is at risk. His or her passengers, as well as drivers and passengers of other vehicles and pedestrians, are also in jeopardy. If it appears that the unsafe condition of an involved vehicle brought about a serious accident, the driver or owner of that vehicle may be liable for the resulting harm. An experienced lawyer can examine all the facts to determine what theories of liability are available.

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