Recent Mauling Raises Concern for Dog Bites in Louisiana
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Authorities have reported that a 4 year old toddler has died as result of a horrific pit bull attack yesterday on Tuesday, March 25. The…
Baton Rouge Brain Injury Attorney Answers Questions
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Get Answers From an Experienced Baton Rouge Brain Injury Attorney Serious and Permanent Injuries Caused by Brain Injury A brain injury can impact your personal…
7 Steps to Address after a Retail Store Injury
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7 Tips When Suing a Retail Store for Injuries* Shopping-related injuries prompt thousands of personal injury claims in the U.S. every year. But when you…
10 Ways to Choose Your Personal Injury Lawyer
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10 Ways to Decide if Your Personal Injury Lawyer Is a Suitable Match For Your Case Many people do not realize that choosing a personal…
Baton Rouge Attorney Frank Tomeny Explains Fire Safety
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Don't Get Caught Ablaze Smoke alarms have saved thousands of lives in the United States. 90% of homes today have at least one smoke alarm.…
Technology Shows Promise at Reducing Back Over Accidents
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According to a new report, it has been proven that backup cameras are the most effective as compared to parking sensors or rearview and side…
Exxon’s Tainted Fuel Causes Breakdown of Many BR and Lafayette Autos
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Exxon's bad fuel totals 5M gallons can affect over 250,000 vehicles. Baton Rouge Attorney Frank Tomeny explains what to do. More than five million gallons…
How to Boost Recovery After an Injury
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Boosting Recovery by Using the R.I.C.E. Method

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