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When a reckless driver hits a moving car, it is possible that car will rollover itself. Another motorist might cut sharply in front of you at a high speed, or a pickup truck driver in front of you may not have their cargo, forcing you off the road. Regardless, rollover car accidents in Baton Rouge are often deadly or debilitating.

After receiving medical treatment, call Tomeny | Best. Our attorneys could review evidence such as police reports, witness testimonies, your medical prognosis, and cell phone or surveillance videos to establish liability for the crash. Then, our auto accident attorneys could compile this evidence into a strong claim to fair compensation from the at-fault party.

Safety Tips for Rollover Accidents

Drivers forced off the road, especially in vehicles with higher centers of gravity like minivans and SUVs, should stay alert as the vehicle begins to roll. These actions may be the difference between a deadly tragedy and making it out alive:

  • Turn the steering wheel in the direction the car is starting to roll
  • Support the head by crossing arms in front and grasping opposite shoulders during the roll
  • When the car comes to a rest, turn off the engine
  • If the vehicle comes to rest upside down, plant feet on the upturned floorboard to unbuckle the seatbelt
  • If the car door is jammed, exit through a window while being mindful of broken glass
  • Call 911 to summon police and emergency medical help

If the reckless driver or witnesses stop to help an injured party, contact information should be exchanged. If possible, take cell phone pictures of the area and damaged vehicle. This on-scene evidence will be invaluable to a Baton Rouge injury attorney after a rollover car accident.

Establishing Negligence

An injured person can seek financial compensation if they can prove someone else’s negligence caused the crash. Negligence is based on the duty all citizens have to act responsibly so others are not harmed. Motorists have a duty to abide by traffic laws like speed limits, and state statutes, such as refraining from drinking and driving or texting. Failing to drive safely puts others at risk and is a breach of the duty to drive responsibly. If a driver’s irresponsible act causes an accident that harms others, that driver is negligent.

Once a plaintiff and their attorney can prove negligence, they can advocate for fair compensation from the at-fault driver. A damages award must be calculated precisely, as once a settlement or a jury verdict has been reached, a plaintiff cannot then request further compensation. As such, a legal professional could help an injured person pursue compensation for all their present and anticipated future losses.

The Automobile Manufacturer May Be Liable

Drivers are not the only people who may be responsible for causing a rollover crash. Automobile designers and manufacturers may also be negligent under the theory of product liability. Product liability claims can also arise when manufacturers fail to adequately warn consumers about their products’ dangers. A Baton Rouge attorney could collect evidence from a rollover car accident to determine what parties may owe compensation to injured survivors.

A Rollover Car Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge Could Help You Secure Justice

Rollover car accidents in Baton Rouge are terrifying because you have no control over tons of metal flipping over and over. The injuries that result from these types of crashes are often severe.

If a reckless driver or malfunctioning vehicle caused your accident, our attorneys could help you pursue justice and compensation through a personal injury claim. While you concentrate on your recovery, our legal team could gather evidence, negotiate with insurers, and, if settlement negotiations are not satisfactory, take your case to court. Call Tomeny | Best to schedule your free consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best