Changes to the Speed Limit on I-10

As a part of a larger project involving the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development initiated changes to the speed limit on I-10 in early 2024. These changes are relatively minor but impact the speed of commercial vehicles traveling along this roadway.

Higher speeds can mean more severe accidents. When you have been injured in a crash, the team at Tomeny | Best is ready to serve as your advocates. Contact our dedicated attorneys today to learn more about your available legal options.

Recent Changes To Speed Limits

The speed limit changes on I-10 began in March 2024. The project—which cost over $590,000—involved installing new speed limit signs and radar detection devices. The work spans I-10 across both Iberville and St. Martin parishes.

On the surface, the change to the speed limit is relatively minor. Regardless of their vehicle type, all drivers face a limit of 60 miles per hour (mph). This is a deviation from the previous limit of 55 mph for commercial trucks and 60 mph for all other motorists. Large vehicles must remain restricted to the right lane only, which was the case previously.

In addition to the new speed limit signs, new radar detection devices include screens that notify drivers of their speed. This is designed to prompt motorists to slow down when they are moving faster than the limit.

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge Is a Highway Safety Corridor

This effort is only one of three project phases designed to turn the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge into a Highway Safety Corridor. In 2022, legislation passed by the state government called for additional resources to combat speeding on I-10. In addition to the new signs, the project eventually calls for increased enforcement through traffic cameras.

The signs described above are only the first phase, while the radar detection units comprise phase two. The final step involves installing safety cameras that can issue driver citations, a process that has yet to begin.

Risks Associated With Speeding

The increased interest in highway safety and speed regulation is due to the large number of devastating and fatal car accidents that occur each year throughout Louisiana. Traveling at unsafe speeds increases the risk of a motorist losing control of their vehicle and crashing.

When drivers ignore these limits and cause accidents, they are typically considered negligent. That means they could be personally liable for any damage they cause in a collision. Developing a winning compensation case requires proof that the other party was at fault. A person bringing a claim could use a wide range of evidence, including video of the crash, admissions from the careless driver, or statements from nearby witnesses.

A person injured in a collision could recover a monetary award by making a convincing case for negligence. These damages might include hospital bills to compensation for their pain and suffering.

Talk to Our Team Following an Accident To Understand Your Options

While increasing the speed limit for commercial trucks does not necessarily guarantee more accidents, dangerous collisions will always be the reality of I-10. When you have been hurt in a crash, now is the time to discuss your options.

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