Attorney Frank Tomeny Settles Case With Help Of Visuals

Louisiana Attorney Frank Tomeny, from Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers, was sought out by a 65-year-old man who had been involved in a head-on collision. The Plaintiff was traveling at 55 miles an hour when he suddenly came face-to-face with a stopped energy truck that was sitting stationary in traffic. In an attempt to avoid the collision, the Plaintiff forcibly stood on his anti-lock brakes before crashing into the truck. Consequently, the Plaintiff gripped the steering wheel with such force in his attempt to evade the collision that he bent it, demonstrating the fear he felt as he helplessly careened into the stalled vehicle.

To illustrate the severity of this case to his audience, Attorney Tomeny contacted DK Global to create an animation that would clearly demonstrate the event survived by his client. Immediately, the team at DK Global began working on a three-part presentation that would include a reconstruction of the collision and an animation of the medical procedures that the Plaintiff underwent.

The reconstruction portion of the animation begins by highlighting the three energy trucks that were unsafely parked on the highway at the time of the incident and details the several safety violations that occurred. It progresses to clearly demonstrate that these trucks were illuminated by no more than a single strobe light and that identifiable signs informing impending drivers that men were working were nonexistent. Furthermore, the energy trucks did not have headlights, emergency flashers or parking lights on at the time of the collision. The animation progresses to show how there were only three safety cones placed 100-125 feet from the front of the energy truck, instead of the required ten cones. The lighting and weather on the day were also recreated in accordance with weather reports and client testimonials to illustrate the exact visibility the Plaintiff had that morning.

The animation progresses, showing the Plaintiff as he approaches and forcibly collides into the closest energy truck, which was parked in the Plaintiff’s lane of travel. As the impact occurs, the point of view dynamically shifts, drawing the viewer into the Plaintiff’s vehicle. As the Plaintiff stands on his brakes with full force, the viewer can process how the Plaintiff’s van, unable to maneuver away from the energy truck, uncontrollably collides into the parked truck. Following the collision, the Plaintiff is shown coming to rest at a 45-degree angle across the dividing line of the roadway.

To prove that this collision was avoidable, the animation clearly labels the locations where safety signs and measures should have been implemented. Likewise, safe areas for the work vehicles to park off the main roadway are clearly pictured and labeled.

The Medical portion of the animation displays a 3D character model with a similar likeness to the Plaintiff. The camera zooms into his body as the clothing, skin, and muscle turn transparent to reveal the injuries sustained from the collision. The presentation closes with a combination of 3D models and medical illustration elements that are used to depict the multiple fractures to the ribs, clavicle, liver contusions and more.


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