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The aftermath of a car crash is often overwhelming, causing you to miss work and time with your family in addition to processing the physical and psychological impact of the incident. When you are in this situation, consider the benefits of consulting a lawyer to help you navigate the legal process.

At Tomeny | Best, we understand the immense consequences of texting while driving car accidents in Lafayette. We pride ourselves in helping our clients navigate the legal claims process and advocating for them in settlement discussions with insurance companies and at-fault drivers. Our knowledgeable car collision attorneys have years of valuable experience and training; we welcome the chance to work with you.

What Are the Dangers of Texting While Driving?

Using a phone while behind the wheel distracts the driver from ensuring safe driving practices. Distracted driving decreases a person’s response time to road hazards as children chase a runaway basketball or a car stops unexpectedly. Additionally, it may be more challenging for distracted drivers to respond appropriately to sudden changes in traffic flow, like a stop sign.

Cellphone usage also physically keeps the driver from having both hands on the wheel. In turn, this can make it more difficult for them to maneuver the vehicle. For example, they may struggle to let go of the phone quickly to make a sudden turn or stop.

When drivers who are texting cause car accidents in Lafayette, it can result in severe consequences, including:

An injured person could benefit from hiring an experienced injury lawyer who could assist them with filing paperwork and negotiating settlements.

Louisiana’s Laws Regarding Phone Usage While Driving

Under Louisiana Revised Statutes § 32:300.5, drivers cannot use electronic devices—like cell phones—to read, write, or send text messages. One of the exceptions to this is if the person is using their phone to make a call. The law also prevents people from engaging with social media websites while driving.

Another exception to the rule is if the person is using their phone to report criminal activity, seek medical attention, or keep someone else from getting hurt. Additionally, on-call healthcare providers may be allowed to use their phones to communicate with a hospital about providing medical care to someone.

When someone unlawfully uses their cell phones while operating a car and causes an auto wreck in Lafayette, injured people can use this information to support a legal claim against them. Under Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315, people hurt in a texting while-driving collision car wreck can seek compensation for their injuries. The dedicated attorneys at Tomeny | Best could help someone identify and assert their legal rights and shape a case against the negligent driver.

Call a Lafayette Attorney After a Car Crash Caused by Texting and Driving

When you are injured in an auto wreck caused by a driver using their phone, you may be eligible to seek legal damages for your losses. You could recover lost income, healthcare expenses, and property repairs.

Our Tomeny | Best attorneys have helped many involved in texting while driving car accidents in Lafayette. Our team understands your struggles and how much you may need a financial award to help you move forward. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss possible next steps.

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