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When another driver rear-ends you, you may be able to pursue monetary damages for your accident-related losses. Compensation you might be able to receive may include money for your physical injuries and the pain and suffering you experienced in the aftermath of the crash. Taking on a legal claim alone may interfere with your healing process, so you might choose to work with a reputable lawyer instead.

The skilled auto collisions attorneys at Tomeny | Best have helped many injured in rear-end car accidents in Lafayette by filing court documents, presenting arguments, and giving legal recommendations. Our seasoned injury lawyers have the training, resources, and insight to fight for you in court and help hold the at-fault driver responsible for their actions. We take a personalized and compassionate approach to handling each case, so reach out today for more information.

Causes of Rear-End Collisions in Lafayette

Various factors can result in a back-end crash. For example, if drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings because they are arguing with a passenger, they may fail to stop their car in time to avoid a collision. Likewise, drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may make poor choices—such as driving at inappropriate speeds—that increase the risk of rear-end accidents.

Additionally, those who operate vehicles while excessively tired or overcome with road rage may cause collisions. Failure to yield the right of way may also lead to a crash. Furthermore, if one driver’s car careens into a vehicle in front of them, the force of the impact may cause a second or third accident.

Proactive Lafayette lawyers could uncover the cause of rear-end crashes. They also know how to prove fault and develop effective strategies to increase the injured person’s chances of receiving a fair settlement.

Protecting Legal Rights After a Backside Accident

The first step in protecting someone’s legal rights after a crash is to contact local law enforcement. Louisiana Revised Statutes § 32:398 may require drivers to notify the police if an accident results in property damage costing more than $500, injuries, or death. This establishes a strong foundation for their legal claim by creating a record of the incident.

Additionally, those injured in a rear-end crash in Lafayette can safeguard their compensation rights by filing a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations. Louisiana Civil Code § 3492 gives one year to file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the collision. Exceptions may apply.

Call a Lafayette Lawyer for Assistance After a Rear-End Car Crash

When you are injured in a rear-end collision caused by a negligent driver, file a claim to recover compensation promptly. A seasoned attorney from Tomeny | Best could help you confidently and effectively navigate the legal process.

Many injured people in rear-end car accidents in Lafayette have trusted our firm to help them as they move through the claims process. Our experienced team also has valuable training in negotiation skills to help steer settlement discussions. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best