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Our brains and cognitive abilities fuel our every move. When the brain experiences physical damage, it can affect our ability to feel, move, and even think. Unfortunately, one of the primary causes of traumatic brain injuries in Lafayette involves other people’s negligence.

If you or a loved one experiences this form of catastrophic harm because of another person’s reckless actions, a dedicated TBI attorney could obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

How Negligence Leads to TBIs

Negligence can lead to a traumatic brain injury in many scenarios. Here are some causes of traumatic brain injuries to look for:

For more information about the causes of traumatic brain injuries, an injured individual or their relatives should contact an educated Lafayette lawyer.

Early Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can vary from individual to individual. Here are a few common TBI symptoms:

  • Feeling sick to the stomach;
  • Head pain;
  • Lethargy;
  • Unusual mood swings;
  • Delays in speech;
  • Numb sensations in the extremities; and
  • Losing touch with reality.

If an individual or a loved one experiences any of these signs, it is imperative to seek the assistance of a healthcare professional right away. Once the person is on a path toward treatment, they or their family member should contact a Lafayette attorney to investigate the cause of the traumatic brain injury.

Collecting Financial Payment for a Traumatic Brain Injury

The road to recovery after experiencing a TBI is dismally long. Even the less severe forms of traumatic brain injuries, concussions, can take months to recover from. More severe injuries may have a lasting impact on someone’s mood and memory. Through a civil claim, an injured survivor and their family can pursue compensation and accountability from whoever was responsible for these damages.

The process of collecting financial payment for a traumatic brain injury typically involves filing a lawsuit. While some companies or individuals might try to offer lump sum payments through their insurance provider to avoid court, these initial offers rarely encompass the full range of what a paralyzed person is entitled to.

An individual seeking compensation through a civil claim has to show that, in some fashion, the responsible person was the cause of the harm. An exemplary Lafayette lawyer could make compelling arguments for why someone is negligent and should provide fair compensation to the injured TBI survivor.

Speak To a Lafayette Attorney About Whether You Have Cause to File Suit Over a Traumatic Brain Injury

Determining the cause of a traumatic brain injury in Lafayette may require the insight of a dedicated legal professional. While this may seem like an unnecessary addition to your challenges at an already difficult time, it is worth the opportunity to recover compensation that may help you afford high-quality care and support your family.

The legal team at Tomeny | Best is here to provide compassionate support and dependable representation. One of our legal professionals is available to schedule an appointment with you to review your possible case for damages. We take phone calls, visits to our office, as well as electronic messages including text messages or e-mail.

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