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Although haggling for a fair price with a car salesperson is never fun, leaving a dealership with a new or used vehicle is usually exciting. You probably assume that the car will comfortably get you and your family everywhere you need to travel. Unfortunately, some automobiles have inherent defects, which could put you, your passengers, and anyone else you encounter on the roads at risk of severe harm. A defective product attorney could help you understand your options.

When an automotive defect has hurt you or your loved ones, you deserve justice. An experienced Lafayette car defect injury lawyer at Tomeny | Best is dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you need and deserve and could help you understand the facts of a case.

Most Common Automotive Defects

Fortunately, the automotive industry continues to benefit from mechanical and technical innovations that improve vehicle safety. The state and federal governments also regulate quality control of automobile manufacturing. However, mistakes occasionally occur due to inherently unsafe designs, manufacturing processes, or negligent marketing, such as false advertising.

Brake Malfunctions

When a car’s brakes work too slowly or fail to engage, the driver could be unable to stop, which may result in a crash.

Steering Malfunctions

A motorist could lose control of the car’s direction if the steering wheel does not operate correctly.

Tire Problems

When a tire blows out, the driver quickly loses control of the vehicle, which can veer in one direction or spin out of control. If the blowout occurs at a high rate of speed on a highway, the results can be catastrophic.


Airbags have saved countless lives by preventing drivers and passengers from crashing through windshields. However, when airbags malfunction, serious injuries could happen. Sometimes, airbags have inadequate sensors that could malfunction, which may cause the bags to fail to deploy in a crash. Other times, airbags are too sensitive and deploy prematurely, which may cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle.

Seat Belt Problems

Like airbags, people rely on seat belts to protect them in a collision. Sometimes, a seat belt’s locking mechanism malfunctions, such as when it fails to stay locked in a crash, or its tether fails to tighten and restrain someone.

Roof Collapse

Cars have steel frames that are supposed to hold up even in a rollover. When a car’s roof collapses in a rollover, the occupants are at severe risk of injury.

Regardless of the type of car defect, the experienced legal team at Tomeny | Best has the skills and the resources to investigate and shape a solid injury compensation claim in Lafayette.

Time Factors To Consider for a Claim

People injured in motor vehicle wrecks cannot take too long to decide if they want to file a lawsuit. Injured parties generally only have one year from the date of their injuries to bring a claim to attention. Because one year can pass quickly, it is critical to reach out to our well-informed attorneys in Lafayette as soon as possible after a crash so they could begin gathering evidence to support the defective car injury claim.

Call a Lafayette Car Defect Injury Attorney Today

When you purchase a car, you should not have to worry about it having a defect that could cause an accident. When you or your loved one experience injuries due to a car’s defects, help is available. Talk to a Lafayette car defect injury lawyer who could help you pursue a settlement that would reduce the financial burdens the accident has had on your life.

Our knowledgeable attorneys from Tomeny | Best are available to evaluate your case during a free consultation. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we could help you.

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