Technology Shows Promise at Reducing Back Over Accidents

According to a new report, it has been proven that backup cameras are the most effective as compared to parking sensors or rearview and side mirrors at helping drivers avoid dangerous back-over accidents.

Almost 300 people die every year from back over crashes with over 18,000 injured victims. Of these victims, 44% of these deaths involve children under 5. Additionally, in 70% of these deaths, it is a parent or relative who is behind the wheel during these accidents.

New technology has been introduced to reduce the number of these tragedies. Parking sensors and back up cameras are just a few of the more commonly seen technological advancements.

In a study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it was found that drivers with backup camera had the fewest collisions with a stationary target. Further, the study indicated that cameras alone are the most effective at preventing rear crashes, even though detection isn’t guaranteed. Different variables such as weather and reduced lighting can reduce the effectiveness of cameras

The US Department of transportation is now encouraging all automakers to have backup cameras and parking sensors as a standard technology that is equipped in all vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that backup cameras would prevent 95 to 112 deaths and anywhere around 7000 to 9000 injuries would be prevented as well.

As always, when driving it is important to utilize all methods to make sure you are aware of everything surrounding the vehicle. This not only includes using back up cameras, parking sensors, and automatic braking. It also includes utilizing mirrors and checking blind spots to avoid hitting children or standing objects.


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