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Losing any part of one’s body is one of the most harrowing experiences a person can endure. Not only are these painful injuries, but they can have lasting physical, emotional, and social consequences. Amputations have been linked to higher risks of suicide, withdrawal from social engagement, loss of employment, and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

When you experience an injury that leaves you with the loss of a limb or other body part, you may feel a loss of control and a sense of frustration. While no amount of compensation can entirely make up for such a significant loss, receiving a monetary reward can help you achieve a higher quality of life. A skilled Baton Rouge amputation lawyer could assist you in filing your claim. Contact a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney at Tomeny | Best for guidance during this difficult time.

Losses Related to Amputation

Most people realize that an amputation changes a person’s life forever. Losses amputees may experience include:

  • New limitations on physical mobility and capabilities
  • Substantial medical expenses relating to adaptive housing, medical devices, prosthetics, and medications for pain
  • Psychological and mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and retreat from social events and friendships

An amputation is a life-altering event, meaning it does not just affect a person for a set period of time. When someone has lost one or more limbs, they may suffer from transient mood disorders and crippling psychological effects.

Essential daily functions—like using the restroom or feeding oneself—can become arduous or even impossible for a person to do alone after an amputation. Loved ones may not fully appreciate how to help or understand the support that is needed. Oftentimes, someone who has had an amputation requires substantial financial resources to get the support they need. A knowledgeable attorney in Baton Rouge could help someone file a civil claim for compensation that covers these and other losses someone experiences after an amputation.

Maximizing Compensation After an Amputation in Baton Rouge

While filing a lawsuit against someone is often an undesirable addition to an accident survivor’s challenges, there are occasions when legal action is warranted and even imperative. When someone loses a limb—or multiple limbs—due to someone else’s careless actions, it is crucial to ensure that person gets the financial resources they need to support themselves moving forward.

To maximize the amount of compensation recovered in a Baton Rouge amputation injury claim, attorneys will work closely with trained medical experts across multiple medical specialties, such as physiatrists, cardiovascular specialists, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, and more. Often, the physicians who treated the person from the beginning become the greatest advocates in their case. Our legal team could piece the evidence together to convince the jury to award enough compensation to cover the services and care an amputee needs well into the future.

Seek Support From a Baton Rouge Amputation Attorney Today

Undergoing an amputation can drastically change your life. While coping with your new reality, you should not be forced to go through the daunting legal system alone.

Our firm’s compassionate Baton Rouge amputation lawyers could help you secure the compensation you need to file a successful lawsuit. Call our office today to schedule an initial meeting with one of our lawyers.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best