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Product manufacturers have a legal duty to make sure that their designs are free of defects or dangers that could injure consumers. If a company that makes a consumer product neglects or falls short of this legal duty, it could be on the legal hook for damages in the event that someone is injured.

A Baton Rouge car defect injury lawyer could develop a strong claim for compensation while providing aggressive legal representation every step of the way. When it comes to proving legal liability for an injury resulting from a defective vehicle, going up against the manufacturer and their insurance company is no small feat. You need a product liability attorney who could use the most effective legal strategies to get every penny you deserve for the harm you have suffered.

Starting a Car Defect Injury Claim

A car can be defective in multiple ways that could potentially lead to an incident that inflicts grave or deadly physical harm. Common examples of car defects include airbag failure, seatbelt failure, malfunctioning brake systems, faulty automated safety systems, steering system failure, fuel system failure, defective wheels, or a defective computer control system.

Any of these or other car defects could result in a roadway collision because the driver loses control of the vehicle. Frequently reported injuries in these types of cases include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, neck and knee injuries, damage to internal organs, and burns. When someone is involved in a wreck that they believe traces back to a car defect, they should contact a seasoned Baton Rouge attorney as soon as possible to explore what legal options are available. An attorney can offer tailored advice at every step of the legal process while working to recover maximum compensation for the injured party.

Demonstrating Legal Fault for a Car Defect Injury

Most car defect claims hinge around a design defect, a manufacturing defect, and/or a warning label defect that ultimately led to the accident in question. For example, the vehicle may be inherently defective because of the nature of its design. Sometimes, the defect presents itself during the manufacturing process, where an otherwise safe design is then rendered dangerous to the end user.

Finally, if the manufacturer does not sufficiently notify consumers of the correct, safe way to use the vehicle, the risks associated with the vehicle, and include warnings to prevent predictable misuse of the vehicle and/or its components, they could be liable if a consumer is injured. If the manufacturer later discovers that there is an issue with the vehicle but neglects to issue a recall, they could be responsible for damages at a later date. Even after a manufacturer issues a recall, there could still be an underlying claim for compensation to pursue.

A Baton Rouge attorney could evaluate the circumstances that caused a car defect injury to determine what theories of liability apply and what parties may be responsible for providing monetary compensation. An experienced attorney could conduct a full investigation into the matter, collect evidence and documentation to support the claim, and work to negotiate the best settlement possible.

Contact a Baton Rouge Car Defect Injury Attorney

Insurance companies will often offer an initial settlement to victims in the hopes of getting rid of the case early before the injured individual can determine the full extent of their damages. Or the insurance company could try to deflect liability for what happened and deny the claim altogether. This is why it is essential to have a Baton Rouge car defect injury lawyer handling your claim from the earliest stages of your case.

You need an attorney who would not hesitate to pursue a full settlement or to represent your rights in court to seek the maximum award of damages. Reach out to Tomeny | Best today to schedule your confidential legal consultation.

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