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Side-impact truck collisions often lead to severe injuries for those involved. Whether a truck hit the side of your vehicle or pulled out in front of you and you hit them, their negligent actions caused you pain and expense. When a trucker’s negligence leaves you hurt, you deserve fair compensation.

You deserve skilled legal help after a side-impact truck accident in Baton Rouge. Our truck wreck attorneys at Tomeny | Best are here for you. We could look into the details of your case, determine who is liable, and seek out the payments you need.

Hazards of Side-Impact Truck Collisions

Because of the way passenger vehicles are designed, side-impact, or “T-bone” crashes tend to be some of the most severe accidents. The side of a car is relatively unprotected as compared to its back or front. While the ends of a car are designed to crumple and absorb much of the impact of a collision, the sides do not have the frame material necessary to provide this protection. Especially for those individuals on the side hit, the danger is severe.

Side curtain airbags can sometimes help in the event of a crash between two passenger vehicles, but often do little to protect against larger trucks. When a truck T-bones a car, those inside the smaller vehicle usually end up massively injured. Through an injury claim, Baton Rouge side-impact truck crash victims could recover financially for the effects of a collision.

Injuries from Side-Impact Truck Accidents

A side-impact crash usually means a hit square on the driver’s side door or passenger-side door. The driver or passengers get most of the impact, which translates into the potential for extremely serious injuries.

Possible injuries from a side-impact truck wreck may include, but are not limited to:

Not only are these injuries highly painful and debilitating, but they are expensive to deal with. The cost of repairing these injuries and recovering can be very high. Medical costs continue to rise, and severe accidents often require surgery and long-term hospitalization. Our Baton Rouge lawyers are dedicated to getting injured parties the compensation they need after a side-impact truck accident. In the event of a fatal accident, a compassionate attorney can help families understand their options for pursuing a wrongful death claim.

Comparative Fault in Side-Impact Cases

A common defensive tactic used by trucking companies is to try to shift blame to the injured driver. Civil Code § 2323 uses a pure comparative fault system for determining liability in these situations, which means that a plaintiff’s financial recovery is reduced by the percentage they are found to be at fault for the accident.

In T-bone truck crash cases with extreme injuries, it is common for Baton Rouge trucking companies to try this defense—even when it does not really apply to the facts of the case. This is often a scare tactic to get a plaintiff to settle low, often much lower than their claim is actually worth. Experienced attorneys are familiar with this tactic and how to fight back against it.

Discuss Your Case With a Side-Impact Truck Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

Side-impact truck accidents in Baton Rouge commonly result in serious injuries. You have likely suffered a high degree of pain and financial trouble as a result of the accident, and you deserve justice.

Our team at Tomeny | Best is dedicated to making things right for you after an accident. Contact our office today to get started. Your initial consultation is free, and you do not owe us a penny unless we win for you.

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