Exxon’s Tainted Fuel Causes Breakdown of Many BR and Lafayette Autos

Exxon’s bad fuel totals 5M gallons can affect over 250,000 vehicles. Baton Rouge Attorney Frank Tomeny explains what to do.

More than five million gallons of gasoline shipped from ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge in mid-March were contaminated by something that causes the intake and valve systems of vehicles to gum up.

Over 120,000 barrels of gasoline, shipped between March 12 and March 15 were affected by the contaminants. Mike Strain, Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, stated “What we think is, something got in the fuel that shouldn’t have gotten in.”

Agents from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry have been testing batches from several Baton Rouge gas stations for a variety of things, from sulfur content to octane to flash point in order to determine what the contaminant was.

Many Baton Rouge terminals are now being closed down in order to clear the stations of the bad fuel. About half of fuel sold in Baton Rouge terminals comes from the Exxon terminal.

Complaints customers have reported as a result of the bad fuel include but are not limited to cars not starting right in the mornings, misfires, knocking noises, no power, ruined fuel filters, blown gaskets, dying on the road, and many more. The contaminant and its effects are still unknown, so there is also a possibility that other problems that will show up months down the road. Be sure to keep all receipts from gas station transactions, automotive repairs, or other things purchased in connection with bad fuel.

We are representing several Baton Rouge and Lafayette drivers that have been affected by the bad fuel. If you have filled your car up between March 12- March 23 and you suspect that you have been a victim of the bad fuel sold from one of the Baton Rouge or Lafayette service stations, call us today to see if the service station you filled up at is one of the terminals that was tainted with the bad fuel.

Call Baton Rouge Attorney Frank Tomeny today for a free consultation.

Information from: The Advocate, http://theadvocate.com


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