Why It Is Important to Work With a National Board Certified Attorney

With a few exceptions, attorneys are eligible to practice in any area as soon as they graduate from law school, pass the bar, and get their license. Unlike other professions, lawyers do not have to pick a specialization while they are in law school. All students graduate with the same JD, which gives them the right to practice almost all types of law after passing a state bar exam.

There are a few areas of law where an attorney may need additional training or need to pass additional tests. For example, patent attorneys must pass the patent bar, and attorneys generally must be licensed in the states where they practice. Other than those two qualifications, the law treats most attorneys the same. While they may have the right to practice all types of law, they rarely have the ability. That is why working with a national board certified attorney at Tomeny | Best is crucial. Frank Tomeny III is a national board certified attorney at the firm who also prides himself on his commitment for justice for all.

Understanding the Different Types of Law

In most states and the federal system, there are two general types of justice systems: criminal and civil. The criminal justice system handles prosecutions of people accused of crimes. The state, or a subdivision of the state like a country or municipal government, brings charges against a defendant. The defendant hires a criminal defense attorney to defend them from charges. The potential consequences may include fines and jail or prison time.

The civil justice system handles private claims between people or organizations. Each party has an attorney or the option to represent themselves. Generally, money is at stake in a civil suit. However, civil cases can also lead to injunctions that prohibit or dictate behavior and legal findings that can impact the rights of all parties involved.

Some cases seem to mix aspects of civil and criminal cases. For example, in a civil forfeiture proceeding, the government may bring a claim seeking someone’s assets based on prohibited behavior. Likewise, IRS proceedings may seek back taxes but come with potential criminal proceedings. There are differences between civil and criminal law and the procedures for those types of courts. Because a simple mistake can significantly impact you, you want an experienced attorney who understands those procedures. National board certification lets you know that the attorney focuses on those areas, which could set your mind at ease.

Lawsuits Have Different Stakes

Within each category, there is also a range of potential lawsuits. Criminal courts handle everything from misdemeanors, where the only consequence is a crime, to murder cases, which can result in the death penalty in some states. Civil cases can include disputes over a few hundred or millions of dollars. Civil courts also handle divorces, child custody, and involuntary mental health commitments.

A lawyer could be an expert in one area of the law and not have an understanding of another type of law. Although law school does prepare attorneys to read statutes and case law, and the bar exam requires them to show general proficiency in many areas, you want an attorney who thoroughly understands the subject.

Why You Need To Work With National Board Certified Attorneys Today

At Tomeny | Best, we are not general practitioners. We are a personal injury law firm. We specialize in helping people who have sustained injuries of all kinds. We carefully craft our continuing education, professional training, and team practices to make all attorneys at our firm better at what we do.

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