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Because they are often avoidable, head-on collisions are less common than other accident types. You are much more likely to have a near miss than a front-end accident. When front-end car accidents in Iberville Parish do occur, both drivers may share some of the blame. Since the drivers can see each other, they each have an opportunity to avoid the accident.

Consulting a trusted car accident attorney is essential if you have injuries or lost a loved one in a head-on collision. A Plaquemine lawyer at Tomeny | Best can evaluate the circumstances of your accident and inform you about any potential claims you may have.

Fault in Front-End Accidents

In rear-end collisions, there is a presumption that the following vehicle is to blame. However, in a head-on collision, there is no presumption of fault. Generally, one driver will be in the wrong lane. Avoiding them may be impossible sometimes, but not always.

Determining who is at fault can be tricky. Witness testimony and any videos of the accident are beneficial. Taking pictures of the scene after the accident can also help, but because the force of the wreck can move vehicles, their position after the accident does not tell the whole story.

An accident reconstruction specialist in Iberville Parish can help an attorney determine fault in a front-end car accident. Using the information provided at the scene, they can recreate the accident. With that knowledge, a lawyer can assess whether a driver has a negligence claim.

Comparative Fault in Louisiana

Louisiana is a pure comparative fault state. That means people can recover even if they are 99 percent responsible for the accident. In other words, a person can recover damages for their injuries in proportion to the amount of fault the other party has. Comparative fault significantly affects head-on collisions since both parties often share liability. A Plaquemine attorney can help assess liability and potential claims based on front-end car accidents.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Until someone is in a head-on collision, these accidents can be challenging to envision. After all, both drivers usually have some opportunity to avoid the crash. One or both drivers must be going the wrong way for a front-end wreck to occur, which usually involves a more significant mistake than a rear-end or side-impact collision.

Distracted driving is one cause of front-end wrecks. Other causes include bad weather, driving while tired, driving under the influence, reduced visibility, and construction. In some cases, a third party may contribute to the accident. For example, when construction changes traffic patterns, it is easy to see how a driver could go in the wrong direction. Mislabeled construction signs or one-way streets without adequate signage could contribute to a head-on wreck.

While front-end accidents may be rare, injuries from front-end accidents are not. These collisions often result in serious injuries or fatalities — leading to enormous expenses for the victim or their family members. These crashes can also lead to prolonged recovery periods, lost wages, and decreased earning capacity. The injuries often have ongoing costs, such as future medical expenses. Anyone injured in a head-on collision in the Plaquemine area should contact an attorney to discuss whether they have the right to pursue compensation for these costs.

Learn More About Front-End Car Accidents From an Iberville Parish Attorney

Life gets busy after an accident. You may be swamped with doctor’s visits and struggling to return to work. You might feel too busy to worry about insurance claims or lawsuits. However, the statute of limitations, or prescription period, begins running from the date of the accident. If you want to be able to recover from your injuries, you need to start thinking about making a claim. Consult a Plaquemine attorney to learn more about your rights and responsibilities after front-end car accidents in Iberville Parish.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best