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Side-impact collisions are some of the most frightening accidents. These crashes occur when the front of one vehicle impacts the side of another. Because the impact is on the weakest part of the struck vehicle, the risk for injuries is high, especially if the driver that hits you is speeding.

If you have injuries from a side impact or T-bone car accident in Iberville Parish, a car accident attorney may be able to help. By looking at the facts, a Plaquemine lawyer can help assess fault and guide you on whether you should file an insurance claim, lawsuit, or both.

Determining Fault in a Side-Impact Collision

T-bone accidents get their names from the “T” shape the vehicles make when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another. Because of that shape, many people assume the car doing the colliding is at fault. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, the impacted vehicle is improperly in the traffic flow. In some cases, both parties may share responsibility. Determining who is at fault means looking at all of the facts.

Consider a speeding vehicle running a traffic light. That driver is negligent — violating the speed limit and traffic light laws. Plowing into another vehicle is one possibility. However, it is equally possible for them to drive in front of another driver who is obeying all of the rules.

An Iberville Parish lawyer who handles T-bone car accidents could examine the causes of the side impact to help determine fault. Because Louisiana is a pure comparative negligence state, a person may still be able to bring a lawsuit even if they bear most of the responsibility for the wreck.

Potential Injuries

T-bone accidents are associated with severe injuries. The driver and passengers in the hit vehicle typically have worse injuries, which can include:

These injuries can lead to severe health issues and even death. While some injuries are apparent at the scene, others may develop over time. Internal bleeding, organ damage, and traumatic brain injuries may not show any immediate symptoms. Any person in Iberville Parish involved a T-bone accident should receive medical care as soon as possible so a doctor can look for any hidden injuries. Early intervention can make a massive difference—especially for traumatic brain injuries and organ damage.


Damages is a legal term for the financial compensation available to someone in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Damages are supposed to make a plaintiff whole — putting them in the same position they should have been in if the accident had not occurred.

Special damages refer to losses with a clear financial value. Medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning capacity are three well-known monetary damages. General damages can also address non-economic harm. Pain and suffering and loss of consortium are two examples of compensable special damages. The legal system cannot undo that harm, so it attempts to compensate accident survivors with financial payments.

The severity of the injury influences the damage award. More significant injuries usually result in higher medical bills, more time away from work, and a more considerable loss in earning capability. They also cause more pain and suffering and may impact the victim’s family to a more significant extent. A skilled lawyer who handles Plaquemine side-impact car accident claims can provide a damage estimate based on an individual’s injuries.

Learn More About Side Impact/ T Bone Accidents in Plaquemine

After an accident, it can be challenging to know what to do next. Your job is to concentrate on healing, but you do not want to ignore your right to take legal action.

Scheduling a consultation with an attorney helps you learn more information about your rights and responsibilities. A lawyer with experience handling side-impact or T-bone accidents in Iberville Parish can help you decide your next steps. Call Tomeny | Best now.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best