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Rollover vehicle accidents are among the most dangerous kinds of wrecks, often causing severe injuries. Many rollover accidents involve just one vehicle. Sometimes, a collision between two vehicles causes a rollover, or the rolling vehicle hits others, involving several vehicles or nearby pedestrians in the damage.

People who experience losses in rollover car accidents in Iberville parish should get in touch with a local car accident attorney immediately. Any person, company, or government whose negligence contributed to the wreck could be responsible for paying financial damages for your losses.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Driver error is the primary cause behind many rollover accidents. These accidents typically occur when a driver loses control of their vehicle because they were speeding, driving too fast for conditions, or did not see an obstruction in their path. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using their phones instead of watching the road, or driving aggressively increase the risk of causing a rollover.

Under the fault-based system for car accident claims in this state, the driver who caused the accident is responsible for paying the losses of anyone who suffered injuries or property damage. Police usually come to the scene of rollover accidents, and their report can offer valuable clues about what caused the wreck. If a driver receives a ticket, this citation may serve as evidence of driver negligence.

Louisiana law limits an injured person’s financial recovery to the losses caused by someone else’s conduct. Insurance companies for involved drivers usually dispute responsibility for a crash, so it is critical for anyone injured in a rollover to have legal representation from an experienced Plaquemine attorney. A lawyer could ensure the injured person does not bear an unfair proportion of the responsibility.

Other Parties Might Bear Responsibility for a Rollover

A rollover accident is not always an individual driver’s fault. Sometimes, other parties or circumstances contribute to a wreck. Some vehicles with a high center of gravity are more prone to rollovers, even at normal speeds. Additionally, defects in tires, brakes, steering, or other mechanisms could create a situation that leads to a rollover.

An attorney could review the accident and assert claims against all the parties that could be liable. Doing so provides an injured person with better odds of obtaining damages that fully cover their losses.

Compensation Available After a Rollover Crash

Anyone whose negligence causes someone else to experience losses is responsible for paying damages, according to Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315. Damages is the legal term for the financial harm someone suffers in an accident.

Recoverable damages in a civil claim may include economic losses like medical expenses, diminished income, and lost earnings opportunities. Property damage and incidental expenses like travel to medical appointments, the cost of hiring someone to provide household services the injured person cannot perform, and necessary alterations to a car or living space may also be included in an injured person’s damages.

General damages can also cover intangible losses. An injured person could seek damages for the scarring, physical pain, and emotional trauma they experienced due to the accident. When an accident leaves someone permanently disabled, they could receive damages for the inability to enjoy certain activities because of their injury. Calculating the value of these non-economic losses is more art than science, but a skilled Plaquemine rollover accident attorney could consult with the injured person and their family to determine a fair value for their non-economic losses.

Contact an Iberville Parish Attorney After a Rollover Car Accident

When you get hurt in a rollover accident, hire a capable Plaquemine lawyer to represent your interests as soon as possible. It could take time to identify all the parties who might bear some responsibility for the wreck, and you have a limited time period from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.

It can be unwise to handle claims concerning rollover accidents in Iberville Parish without an attorney. Set up a free consultation at Tomeny | Best to discuss your case.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best