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Like most people in our community, you probably rely heavily on your car for almost all your transportation needs. You trust that your automobile will take you safely from your home to work and everywhere you need to go. But what happens when your car or someone else’s car has a defect that causes an accident?

A skilled defective products attorney at Tomeny | Best could help you understand your best options to seek just compensation for any injuries sustained. You may also have legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the defective vehicle’s manufacturer. A qualified Iberville Parish car defect injury lawyer could investigate your accident and help you fight for accountability and justice.

Types of Accidents Due to Automotive Defects

Manufacturers must design and produce safe vehicles. With advancements in technology, cars are now considerably safer. However, problems still occur.

Design Errors in Cars

Mistakes can occur when a vehicle’s design is inherently unsafe. An example of a design error leading to a problem with a vehicle would be the boxy shape and weight distribution of certain SUVs that make them more prone to rolling over.

Production Errors in Cars

Accidents can also occur if a mistake occurs during production. Mistakes on the assembly line could lead to problems in how a car operates, such as when a car suddenly accelerates without warning, has defective brakes, has tire problems like blowouts, or has a faulty steering system.

Minor accidents could become catastrophic when errors in safety systems occur, such as when an airbag fails to deploy, or a seat belt fails to hold a passenger back.

Marketing Errors

Automotive manufacturers could also be responsible for not including adequate operating instructions with their vehicles. For example, a manufacturer could be liable if they fail to tell consumers or mechanics that the tires will start to lose their tread and must be replaced after a set number of miles.

Our dedicated Iberville Parish attorneys could investigate to determine where the car defect occurred. By working closely with vehicle safety experts, accident reconstruction experts, and automotive engineers, they could gather evidence proving the manufacturing company’s liability by showing that the vehicle was defective and prone to accidents or was not sufficiently crashworthy.

Possible Damages After an Automobile Crash

Pursuing fair compensation in an automotive defect case requires the assistance of a skilled law firm like Tomeny | Best. Our caring legal team in Iberville Parish could take the time to learn everything the injured person has lost from the car defect accident. They could fully evaluate any physical injuries and meet with medical professionals to learn how the impact might affect the person’s future.

When the injury permanently prevents them from working, our attorneys could ensure they get compensation for their lost wages and future anticipated earnings. In addition, our qualified legal team could fight for compensation for an injured motorist’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other intangible losses. When an untimely death occurs in an automotive accident, our compassionate legal team could fight for justice in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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When a defective automotive part leads to a collision, the occupants of the car and people on the ground or in other vehicles are at risk of experiencing severe harm. When this kind of accident happens to you, a successful legal claim against the automotive manufacturer or retailer of the defective vehicle could help you as you move forward with your life.

Speak to an Iberville Parish car defect injury lawyer today. Our well-versed attorneys at Tomeny | Best could fight tirelessly on your behalf. We would be happy to set up an initial consultation at your convenience.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best