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Although it would be nice to assume that every product you buy is safe and easy to operate, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, some products are not self-explanatory, and if you use them the wrong way, you could end up severely hurting yourself. When a manufacturer fails to include operating instructions or warnings about proper use, they could be liable for the injuries someone sustained.

An Iberville Parish failure to warn lawyer has extensive experience with product liability claims, and the diligent defective products attorneys from Tomeny | Best could help you seek the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injury.

Understanding the Basis Behind a Failure To Warn Lawsuit

Failure to warn lawsuits involve claims based on marketing defects. This means that products have been safely designed and manufactured but still have inherent dangers that could pose risks to consumers if they are not used correctly. These products could include baby toys with tiny parts that may pose a choking hazard or items with safe designs but have become unsafe due to a mistake in the manufacturing process.

Lawsuits based on marketing defects allow an injured consumer to sue a manufacturer who knew or reasonably should have known about a potential hazard with their product and still marketed it without providing sufficient warnings to consumers. Even if a product is safe, the manufacturer could be liable if the packaging or label fails to warn of dangers. The knowledgeable Iberville Parish attorneys from Tomeny | Best have experience reviewing operating instructions and complex manufacturing records for failure to warn cases. They know how to determine when there are grounds for a valid legal claim and could assist an injured person with the process.

When Warning a Consumer Is Not Necessary

Manufacturers or sellers do not need to warn consumers about dangers in products that are openly obvious or common knowledge. For instance, a consumer could not sue a manufacturer for selling a sharp knife because everyone knows that a knife is sharp. However, a manufacturer could be liable if they sold a product that may pose a hidden risk that a consumer would not be able to know about in advance. Some examples include:

  • Drugs without explicit instructions for use
  • Household tools without well-defined operating instructions
  • Foods that are mislabeled or do not contain allergy information

Our dedicated legal team in Iberville Parish could review the evidence from a failure to warn accident and search for the necessary evidence to shape a successful legal claim.

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Nobody should get hurt from using a product that should have been safe. When you were injured because a product did not have clear operating instructions or warnings, we could help you seek justice.

Talk to a Plaquemine or Iberville Parish failure to warn lawyer to learn about your legal rights. Our compassionate attorneys at Tomeny | Best could help you determine if filing a lawsuit is a viable consideration. Contact our firm today to set up an initial consultation.

Tomeny Best

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