Why You Should Call a Baton Rouge Truck Wreck Lawyer

Why Do I Need a Baton Rouge Truck Wreck Lawyer?

Many victims who are injured in a Louisiana 18-wheeler wreck suffer serious medical concerns, including amputation, herniated discs, severe disfigurement, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, or brain injuries. Many victims die in the crash or spend the rest of their lives living with chronic pain. Unfortunately, many of these victims and their families end up accepting settlements that are far less than they deserve for their medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Why Do I Need a Louisiana Truck Accident Lawyer on My Side?

The insurance adjusters along with the trucking company may seem very nice on the phone, and you may believe that they are willing to help you with your injuries after an 18-wheeler accident, but don’t be fooled. These companies want to pay out as little as possible to victims and try to settle out of court. The main aim for these companies and their insurance adjusters is to minimize the seriousness of your injuries, find any weakness in your case, and pay you the bare minimum required. Additionally, the trucker’s career is often on the line after a serious Baton Rouge truck wreck, and he or she may choose to outright lie to the police and others about the circumstances of the accident. This is why it’s so important to have a Baton Rouge truck wreck lawyer working for you.

There are many reasons a trucker or trucking company may be responsible for a Louisiana truck crash, including:

  • A truck that has been improperly loaded
  • Driver fatigue from being on the road too long without a break
  • Use of alcohol or drugs by the trucker
  • Poor maintenance of the truck or unsafe equipment
  • Truck driver negligence or reckless behavior

Hiring an experienced New Roads accident attorney means that your rights to compensation are protected if someone else’s negligence caused your truck wreck injuries. Mr. Tomeny is an experienced Baton Rouge truck wreck lawyer who will work with experts to investigate your wreck and look carefully at every detail, including the damage to both vehicles, the roads, any skid marks, the conditions on the day of the wreck, the road signs, and your injuries. Mr. Tomeny will weave all of these details together for you so you can feel confident you are going in with a strong case and a tough negotiator on your side.

Don’t let the confusion after your accident interfere with your right to compensation and medical care. Call Frank Tomeny today at (888)-483-8842 and let us handle your Baton Rouge truck wreck case for you. Mr. Tomeny will handle your legal needs with care so you can focus on your recovery.


Choosing an attorney may be the most important decision you ever make. When you contact Tomeny | Best Injury Lawyers, we will listen to your story, go over your legal rights, and answer all your questions. You will leave our meeting knowing that you have made the right decision for you, your future, and your family.



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