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Taking your bike out on a nice day is a great way to get around the city and get exercise at the same time. In Plaquemine and the rest of Iberville Parish, you can take advantage of the milder weather conditions for a large portion of the year.

However, when you have to bike on the same busy roads as cars, you can experience serious problems. When motor vehicles hit bikes, bicyclists almost always suffer devastating, life-altering injuries.

If an automobile struck you or your loved one while riding a bike, do not hesitate to contact our injury attorneys at Tomeny | Best. A dedicated Iberville Parish bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Common Causes of Plaquemine Bike Crashes

Cars hit bikes for many different reasons. Most commonly, these crashes occur because motorists report not seeing a cyclist. Even though bicycles are more challenging to see than cars, cyclists still have the right to safety on the road. Motorists must respect the rights of bicyclists by being alert and aware of their surroundings.

Problems at Intersections

Many accidents occur at intersections. Most of these crashes happen when drivers fail to stop and look around before turning, so they crash directly into the path of a cyclist trying to go straight.

Inattentive Drivers

Motorists who are distracted by their cell phones or doing other dangerous activities while driving frequently cause accidents. Distracted drivers cannot react appropriately, such as when they need to stop suddenly if a cyclist is approaching.

Speeding Motorists

People driving too fast do not have time to respond to dangerous situations. They can also lose control of their vehicle.

Aggressive Motorists

Drivers need to give cyclists enough room on the road. Motorists who tailgate bikes or crowd into their spaces can force cyclists from their bikes or even off the roads.

Intoxicated Drivers

Drunk drivers have little control over their motor skills, and their decision-making is often flawed. If they hit a cyclist, the results can be devastating.

The attorneys at Tomeny | Best have experience handling a wide range of bike crash cases in Plaquemine and Iberville Parish. Regardless of the exact cause of a collision, a skilled attorney could investigate the circumstances and work to hold the at-fault party accountable.

Frequent Injuries Suffered in Iberville Parish Bike Wrecks

Bicyclists have almost no protection in collisions with large motor vehicles. Even if they are fortunate enough to be wearing a helmet, that helmet cannot protect their bodies against all types of serious injuries. Consequently, bike riders frequently suffer the following types of physical injuries:

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain damage
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Road rash from contact with the street
  • Cuts and lacerations that can lead to permanent scarring
  • Death

In addition to physical wounds, many survivors of bike crashes experience lingering emotional trauma. A compassionate Plaquemine bike accident lawyer could help a survivor or their family members get compensation for all of their losses.

Contact an Iberville Parish Bicycle Accident Attorney

After a bike accident, dealing with a legal case is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, you should reach out for legal assistance as soon as possible. An experienced Iberville Parish bicycle accident lawyer could help you get the compensation you and your family need.

Our attorneys understand how to investigate bike wrecks and know what kind of evidence to look for to help you build a strong case. Contact us today and let us help you get back on your feet.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best