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Any injury caused by another person’s misconduct can be frustrating in the short term and disruptive to your professional and personal life in the long term. Unfortunately, some injuries are so severe that they invariably alter the course of your life, leading to losses that cannot be erased or compensated with money.

However, demanding fair financial recovery after suffering a catastrophic injury remains crucial for improving your quality of life. A seasoned personal injury attorney’s guidance is essential to achieving the most favorable case result possible. Regardless of who is at fault for your injury or the specific losses you may endure, a dedicated Prairieville catastrophic injury lawyer at Tomeny | Best could work tenaciously to secure every cent of the compensation you deserve.

How Are “Catastrophic” Injuries Different from Personal Injuries?

Legally, Louisiana does not distinguish between “catastrophic” injuries and other personal injuries that may lead to civil litigation. In any injury claim, the plaintiff must prove that a negligent party caused the injury. The plaintiff will show that the defendant participated in reckless, careless, or illegal activity, violating a “duty of care” owed to the injured person.

An injury is considered “catastrophic” if it results in a permanent and irreversible disability or disfigurement. Some common examples handled by Prairieville catastrophic injury attorneys include:

  • Moderate to severe brain damage
  • High degree and widespread burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal organ trauma
  • Loss/amputation of limb
  • Injuries resulting in deafness or blindness
  • Spinal cord damage or any other physical trauma or condition resulting in paralysis

The primary value of referring to an injury this severe as “catastrophic” is to communicate the severity of the injury to the defendant(s) and the court. Labeling an injury as “catastrophic” also give insight into the damages the plaintiff will seek compensation for. A catastrophic injury attorney in Prairieville could help identify and assign fair values to special and general losses, including lost earning ability, long-term physical and psychological suffering, future medical expenses, and disability-related costs for things like home and vehicle modification.

Building a Strong Claim Within Applicable Filing Deadlines

Although catastrophic injuries have lifelong consequences, the injured party has a limited timeframe to file a lawsuit and demand compensation. According to Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, individuals dealing with a personal injury have one year after the incident to begin the legal process.

Unfortunately, this is not enough time to objectively determine the value of long-term losses caused by a catastrophic injury. For this reason, among many others, guidance from an experienced lawyer is vital when pursuing litigation after a catastrophic accident in Prairieville. A knowledgeable attorney could help identify unexpected long-term losses for plaintiffs and their families.

Get in Touch With a Prairieville Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Financial compensation alone cannot turn back the clock and undo the catastrophic harm done to you by another negligent person. However, receiving the compensation you deserve will help stabilize your family’s finances, ensure you live the best life possible, and hold the negligent party accountable for the damages you have sustained.

A dedicated Prairieville catastrophic injury lawyer could work tirelessly to ensure your unique case has the best possible resolution. Call today to schedule a free consultation with the attorneys at Tomeny | Best.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best