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If you have tweaked a muscle in your back, you know how disruptive even minor neck and back injuries can be. When a severe injury occurs, you will likely experience a loss of working capacity, ability to enjoy life fully, and essential motor function needed to care for yourself.

Anyone who causes this harm through negligence should be held financially accountable for their misconduct. Help from a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could be vital to effectively and efficiently receiving fair compensation. Working with a qualified Prairieville neck and back injury lawyer could maximize your chances of securing a favorable result from your civil claim and recovering comprehensively for your injury-related losses.

Proving Liability in a Neck or Back Injury

Trauma to the back or neck can occur under various circumstances—from high-speed traffic accidents to unexpected falls. A person could file a civil claim when another person negligently caused the accident. Negligence is a violation of a “duty of care” owed to the injured person by someone else as the direct cause of the accident that led to their injury.

Depending on the circumstances, a negligent act could be overtly illegal.

The fault an injured person legally holds for causing or worsening their injuries through negligence may be held against them as a proportional reduction from their final monetary damage. Support from a seasoned Prairieville neck and back injury attorney could be vital to contesting allegations of comparative fault.

How Valuable Is a Neck and Back Injury Claim?

Neck and back injury cases may vary in financial value depending on the event’s circumstances. For instance, someone who suffers whiplash in a car wreck may only need to recover from emergency medical bills and some lost short-term work income because their injury could heal with time and proper care.

Conversely, someone who suffers a complete spinal cord injury in such a collision that leads to paralysis might need to seek compensation for hundreds of thousands—or millions for damages like:

  • Intensive medical care
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Long-term physical and psychological suffering

A skilled neck and back injury lawyer’s guidance could be crucial to identifying what losses someone injured in Prairieville may recover—with a greater chance of getting paid what they deserve.

Seek Help From a Prairieville Neck and Back Injury Attorney Today

An injury to your back or neck is likely debilitating—even if it will ultimately heal over time. Before navigating the civil litigation process alone, seek legal counsel from our team of legal professionals at Tomeny | Best.

A well-versed Prairieville neck and back injury lawyer who has fought and won cases like yours is ready to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a private meeting.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best