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Hurting your knee is one of the most unexpectedly debilitating injuries. A knee injury will likely require expensive medical treatment, keeping you out of work for an extended time, and result in physical and psychological suffering. Anyone who causes you to endure knee pain because of their negligent behavior should be held financially accountable for their actions.

When you suffered damage to your knee through an accident caused by someone else’s misconduct, promptly contact a Prairieville knee injury lawyer. Guidance from a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney at Tomeny | Best could be crucial to maximizing your compensation to cover all special and general losses.

Common Knee Injuries Caused by Negligence

Whether caused by a slip and fall, sports injury, car crash, or another unfortunate incident, understanding these injuries is vital for prevention and understanding legal remedies when negligence is involved. The knee plays a crucial role in mobility, so harm to the area can produce life-altering consequences.

Meniscus Tears

The meniscus is a section of cartilage between the femur and tibia that softens impacts and prevents friction between both bones. Even slight damage to the area can have harrowing and debilitating consequences, some of which may last for years. Meniscus tears usually stem from the knee hyperextending or suddenly twisting at an awkward angle. This can happen in slipping and tripping accidents, impacts from falling objects, or traffic collisions.

Ligament Sprains and Tears

Three main “cruciate” ligaments connect the tibia and fibula within the knee, allowing for a full range of motion in the leg. The anterior, the medial, and the posterior are respectively located in the front, on the side, and in the back of the knee. PCL tears are prevalent outcomes of car accidents, and both MCL and ACL tears can require surgical intervention and months of physical therapy.

Bone Fractures

While many of the bones mentioned above can fracture near the knee, the bone most commonly breaks in this area is the patella or the kneecap. Even a stable patellar fracture that only involves the kneecap shifting slightly out of place can have long-lasting repercussions, and more severe fractures may necessitate months of recovery. An experienced Prairieville knee injury attorney could help an injured person seek total compensation for harm caused. Tomeny | Best legal professionals have years of experience and understand how debilitating these injuries can be.

Filing Deadlines and Fair Compensation

Depending on the nature of a knee injury, an individual may have grounds to recover for various general and special consequences of their injury, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Short-term and long-term medical bills
  • Lost working ability and/or work income
  • Lost quality of life, including lost consortium
  • Injury-related costs for medical equipment like crutches, in-home care, and transportation to doctors’ appointments

Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, most personal injury victims have one year after an accident to begin the civil litigation. Speaking with a knee accident lawyer in Prairieville quickly after suffering a severe joint injury is essential to filing suit within legal time limits.

Speak With a Prairieville Knee Injury Attorney Today

Knee injuries are typically painful, interfering with every part of your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, they are often challenging to build a comprehensive and compelling civil claim, especially if you go through the legal process alone.

Seek help from a compassionate Prairieville knee injury lawyer who is well-versed in accidents that cause joint pain. A skilled attorney guides you through the legal process so you can focus on recovering. Call today to learn more.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best