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While most accidents only cause short-term pain, some physical traumas may linger for years, decades, or the rest of your life. Spinal cord damage almost always fits into the latter category. When the main pathway between your brain and the rest of the central nervous system is interrupted, your body usually suffers widespread, permanent paralysis.

When someone else caused your neck or back injury through reckless or careless misconduct, they are liable for your injury’s current and future harm. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney at Tomeny | Best could help you build a successful lawsuit or settlement demand. No matter what accident caused your injuries or the specific damages you seek, a seasoned Prairieville spinal cord injury lawyer could provide tailored support throughout your legal proceedings.

What Makes Spinal Cord Trauma So Severe?

The spinal cord is the superhighway of the central nervous system. Every sensation the body feels travels up the spinal cord toward the brain. Signals from the brain tell the body where and how to move, traveling back down the spinal cord to the appropriate muscles and joints. Even minor trauma to the neck or back, like bruising, twisting, or slight tearing—often referred to as an “incomplete” spinal cord injury—can lead to loss of sensation and motor function below the injury site.

Incomplete injuries are not always permanent, as surgical intervention and intense physical therapy could reduce or erase long-term damage. However, complete injuries—which involve total severance of the spinal cord—are irreversible and result in total paralysis below the injury location.

Injuries lower on the spine may result in paraplegia or paralysis in the lower limbs and torso; injuries closer to the neck can cause quadriplegia—affecting all four limbs and the entire torso. A capable Prairieville spinal cord accident attorney could demand comprehensive compensation for any injury type mentioned above.

Recovering for Short- & Long-Term Losses

Spinal cord trauma often results in permanent harm, so an injured person should account for damages that may not fully manifest for years or decades after the legal process concludes, including:

  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Lost working capacity and income
  • Psychological and emotional distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life, including lost consortium
  • Home & vehicle modifications that promote mobility
  • Medical expenses, including the cost of future surgical and rehabilitative care, assistive equipment like wheelchairs, and in-home assistance

An experienced spinal cord trauma lawyer in Prairieville at Tomeny | Best could further explain potential future losses during a free, private consultation.

Talk to a Prairieville Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

Spinal cord trauma is one of the most severe and instantly life-changing outcomes of an accident. When you or your loved one suffers a serious back or neck injury, a lawsuit is probably the last item on your mind; however, pursuing fair compensation is vital. Recovering comprehensive payments is often challenging, especially if you attempt it alone.

Enlist the help of a tenacious Prairieville spinal cord injury lawyer with a record of achieving favorable case results on behalf of people like you. Call Tomeny | Best today to schedule a free consultation with an empathetic attorney ready to take on your case.

Tomeny Best

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