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When you have had a foot, hand, leg, or arm amputated because of a catastrophic incident, you may be able to file a lawsuit to compensate you for your injury-related losses. If you can prove another party is to blame, a judge or jury might award you compensation to cover damages like lost income and/or medical expenses. Attempting to handle this task on your own can often be daunting; consider hiring a legal professional at Tomeny | Best to assist with your case.

A Prairieville amputation lawyer at our firm could collect critical evidence, evaluate possible avenues of financial recovery, and determine the proper course of legal action. Our seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys fight for people with limbs or appendages amputated because of accidents like car wrecks, slip and falls, dog bites, and other forms of negligence. Call our dedicated advocates to learn more.

What Are Frequent Causes of Amputations?

Many incidents can result in someone losing a body part. For example, when someone gets frostbite or has poor circulation, they may lose feeling or function in their extremities, leading to amputation. Additionally, car accidents can cause a bone to break so severely that it is beyond repair. Medical conditions like diabetes and peripheral arterial disease can also lead to limb loss. When someone experiences permanent paralysis because of a spinal cord injury, doctors may recommend amputation to avoid infections or complications. Additionally, slip and falls, severe burns, and dog bites may lead to losing a finger or other body part.

Amputations have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. When someone else’s actions led to the amputation, the injured person may be eligible for compensation to help support themselves. A hardworking lawyer in Prairieville could help an amputee understand and prepare their claim.

Who is Eligible for Compensation After an Amputation?

Under Louisiana law, injured people can pursue legal damages because of an amputation. A person is eligible for compensation when they can prove that someone else caused the accident that led to them losing their limb. Proof could consist of evidence that demonstrates the connection between the accident and the amputation, such as:

  • Photographs
  • Medical records
  • Expert testimony
  • Witness statements

An injured person improves their chances of retaining monetary damages by keeping track of all accident-related documents. For example, they might preserve after-visit summaries, written doctor recommendations, or a pain diary to record the extent of the amputation’s effects.

Dedicated amputation attorneys in Prairieville could provide vital assistance in navigating the complex legal process skillfully and successfully. Our lawyers understand how difficult it can be to adjust to a new normal and are here to help lessen financial burdens.

Call an Amputation Attorney in Prairieville for Help To Seek Compensation

When someone else’s actions cause you to lose a limb, the impacts on your physical and mental well-being are likely immense; however, getting justice and telling your story is possible when you file a legal claim against the person responsible for your injury. Although filing a lawsuit may sound overwhelming, you do not have to face the process alone.

The skilled attorneys at Tomeny | Best understand the challenges faced by those who have undergone an amputation. We have experience holding bad drivers, negligent dog owners, and other negligent parties responsible for the harm they cause others. Let us fight for your deserved compensation so you can focus on recovery. Contact a Prairieville amputation lawyer at our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best