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Paralysis—the medical term for partial or total loss of function in a specific body area—is among the most debilitating and life-changing effects of an injury or illness. Often, paralysis stems from recklessness or carelessness by someone other than the injured person.

Understanding common causes of paralysis in Prairieville can lend important context to what has happened to you or your loved one.

A legal professional could help you seek compensation for how your condition will negatively affect your life through special and general damages. A qualified paralysis injury lawyer at Tomeny | Best could guide you through your case and help construct a robust civil claim.

Spinal Cord Trauma

The most common cause of paralysis in Prairieville is damage to the spinal cord—the main pathway between the nervous system and the brain.  An injury to this part of the body will likely result in a disconnect between the brain and various body parts below the injury site, manifesting as a loss of sensory and motor function.

Incomplete spinal cord injuries—which involve damage to the spinal cord but remaining intact to some degree—may result in only partial paralysis, with the prospect of long-term recovery. However, complete spinal cord injuries are likely permanent and may cause total paralysis below the injury site. This is often referred to as paraplegia if it affects the legs and lower torso or quadriplegia if it affects all four limbs and the entire torso.

Severe Brain Damage

Some types of brain trauma can also damage the brain’s ability to communicate with certain body parts in a way that manifests as partial or total paralysis. This can sometimes result in a unique form of paralysis, known as “hemiplegia,” which involves either the entire left or right side of the body losing functionality.

Localized Nerve Injuries

Penetrating injuries and high-degree burns can sometimes cause severe damage to nerve endings and connections inside the body, resulting in a loss of sensation and sometimes motor function in those areas. This type of damage in the shoulders or hips may result in “monoplegia,” or paralysis of just one limb. A qualified Prairieville lawyer who understands common causes of paralysis could fight for you to get the compensation you are owed.

A Prairieville Attorney Could Help Take Legal Action Over Various Causes of Paralysis

No one deserves to become paralyzed because someone else acted irresponsibly.  Unfortunately, it is common for people to fail to receive fair compensation, leading to life-altering medical bills, lost working capacity, and numerous forms of physical and psychological suffering without monetary coverage.

Taking legal action over common causes of paralysis in Prairieville is not something you should try to do alone. Consider contacting an experienced paralysis injury lawyer to learn how they could fight for the best possible case resolution on your behalf. Call today to learn more.


Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best