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Citizens have the right to use public property, like post offices, parks, and police departments, without worrying about getting hurt by a dangerous condition they are unaware of. When you are injured in this way, you could file a civil claim for your injuries. Because of the various special rules for suing the government, you should collaborate with an experienced Prairieville public property injury lawyer for guidance.

Tomeny | Best has been serving this community for many years, helping those who slipped and fell, were injured in a car accident, or suffered another type of harm while on government-owned land. We understand the challenges of these types of claims and have the knowledge and skills to help navigate them. Our seasoned premises liability attorneys take pride in the excellent work we have done for Prairieville residents and hope to do the same for you.

What Counts as Public Property?

In most cases, public property is any land or structure owned or operated by the government. For example, this might include buildings like museums, parks, courthouses, and town squares. Additionally, some sidewalks and roads may also fall under the umbrella of public property.

Figuring out if the location of the accident—such as a trip and fall on an uneven walkway—is owned by the state, parish, or municipal government is essential. There are different rules for filing a claim against a state actor—like the police department or public library—versus a private landowner—like a business or homeowner. Prairieville attorneys who practice premises liability law could help people injured on public property determine whether they have a solid claim.

Suing the Government for an Accident on Public Land

Injured individuals must follow special rules when filing a claim against a government agency or department in Prairieville. Louisiana Revised Statutes 13:5107 outlines notice requirements injured people may need to meet when bringing a legal case against the government.

The government is not exempt from taking reasonable steps to keep its lands in good repair and free from dangerous conditions that can harm people. However, there are situations where the government may have immunity against injuries.

Because of the complexity of this area of the law, people injured on public property may benefit from working with a government property injury attorney in Prairieville. They could review someone’s unique case and make legal recommendations to help them protect their rights and seek fair compensation.

Call a Prairieville Public Property Injury Attorney for Help

When you are hurt on government land, suing the agency responsible for an injury you experienced at a post office, courthouse, police department, park, or other area may be a viable option. If you successfully bring your claim, you may be able to recoup your injury-related expenses.

Tomeny | Best fiercely advocates for those injured because of the government’s negligent actions. We understand how to bring a claim and what legal arguments may help boost your chances of success. Contact a Prairieville public property injury lawyer to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best