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People who own commercial properties—such as stores and restaurants—must maintain the land to keep it free from hazards. When they fail to do so, they may be accountable for injuries suffered by unsuspecting patrons and lawful guests. When you are hurt in an accident—such as a slip and fall at a business—you may be eligible for compensation for your losses.

A Prairieville commercial property premises liability lawyer at Tomeny | Best could work with you to develop a case plan to help you receive a financial award under state and local law. Our knowledgeable premises liability attorneys are skilled negotiators. Call our office today to schedule a time to meet.

Common Examples of Premises Liability Cases Involving Commercial Property

When someone is injured on commercial land—such as a local bar or shop—they could file a premises liability lawsuit. A common type of claim is where someone slips and falls on an unattended wet floor at a grocery store. However, other situations may involve a landlord who fails to provide adequate on-site security.

Broken escalators or faulty elevators may harm patrons, resulting in a lawsuit against the business owner. Likewise, other premises liability claims include a customer tripping on a broken or uneven sidewalk or stray merchandise in the aisles at the store.

Injured people should consult a lawyer who handles premise liability cases against business owners. A skilled commercial property hazardous premises attorney in Prairieville could perform the necessary research to shape a claim against the at-fault property owner and guide settlement discussions.

Filing a Legal Claim Against a Business Owner

Prairieville business owners are responsible for maintaining and keeping their properties in reasonably safe conditions. For example, they should perform routine maintenance checks of electrical and air conditioning units. Likewise, they should keep their walkways and parking lots in good condition and aisles free of debris.

When a place of business meets the definition of a merchant under Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:2800.6, higher standards are imposed that a lawyer can assist you in meeting. For example, if you slipped and fell at a merchant’s place of business, you must show that the owner knew or reasonably could have known about the condition and its dangers in the exercise of reasonable care, along with other requirements outlined in the statute.

Prairieville lawyers who handle premises liability lawsuits involving commercial property understand the nuances of these situations and could help make a solid legal argument within the filing deadlines.

Call a Prairieville Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

When you have broken your arm in a slip and fall or experienced another type of harm while on a business’s property, you can file a claim against those responsible for your injuries.

The dedicated attorneys at Tomeny | Best have helped many seek justice for the harm they experience. We have the necessary training and resources to help you decide what steps to take next in the claims process. Contact a Prairieville commercial property premises liability lawyer to schedule a consultation today.

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