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Hit-and-run car accidents add insult to injury. Not only are you left with overwhelming expenses such as medical bills and lost wages, but there may also be challenges identifying a defendant to name in any lawsuits. This leaves you wondering how you will ever recover fair compensation for all the damages you have sustained.

Anyone who has gotten hurt in a hit-and-run car accident in Prairieville should call an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A car accident attorney from Tomeny | Best could help to investigate a case to determine alternative sources of liability, argue a case in court, or negotiate for a payout from the insurance company.

Hit-and-Run Accident Laws

Per Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:100, drivers involved in accidents have an obligation to stop and could face criminal charges when they do not. Violation of this law by doing a hit-and-run could imply liability in a related personal injury case.

State law allows injured motorists in hit-and-run car accidents in the Prairieville area to seek special, general, and even (in some cases) punitive damages from the liable party. Examples of special damages include medical bills and lost wages. General damages constitute things such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Comparative Fault

Louisiana is a comparative fault state, meaning a person can recover damages even if they are partially at fault for their wreck. However, this means the opposing counsel and insurance representatives may try to shift blame onto them, thereby reducing or negating their client’s or company’s liability. An experienced Prairieville hit-and-run car accident attorney could deal with these tactics on their client’s behalf.

Getting a damages award or payout hinges on proving liability. This often means an extensive investigation involving steps such as reviewing photo and video evidence, parsing the police report and witness statements, consulting with experts, recreating the accident, and analyzing medical records. This process can be laborious and require specialized knowledge a lawyer from our team could provide.

Finding the Culprit – Or Dealing With an Insurer

Ideally, an investigation turns up a defendant. Sometimes, this happens when surveillance footage is reviewed and a license plate is tagged. Other times, the at-fault driver can be identified when useful information is shared on social media, intentionally or not. This process can include returning to the scene of the accident and conducting more on-the-ground interviews. In short, it is possible to find the perpetrator in some cases.

If not, it is possible to file a claim with one’s own insurer to recover compensation. Insurance companies can require a lot of paperwork, make lowball settlement offers, and back injured people into making statements against their best interests. An experienced lawyer could help avoid all this by handling dealings with the insurance company. After a hit-and-run car accident, our Prairieville attorneys could determine the most viable route to fair compensation on behalf of an injured party.

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Retaining solid legal representation is essential for getting what you are owed in compensation for your injuries. By calling an attorney you can trust, you are taking a step toward being made whole again. Contact a Prairieville hit-and-run car accident lawyer from Tomeny | Best today for a free consultation.

Tomeny Best

Tomeny Best