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Learning to drive, getting a license, and driving alone in a vehicle are important rites of passage for teenagers. Unfortunately, you only become a good driver through practice, and many teen drivers are still learning how to handle a vehicle safely. Crashes are common.

If you were hurt in a teen driving accident in Prairieville, contact a local car accident attorney. You will likely need the help of a legal professional to obtain adequate compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Teen Driver Accidents

The teenage brain is still developing, and young people are often impatient or overconfident when driving. These qualities often lead to rear-end collisions, T-bone accidents, and parking lot accidents. Teens also might lack consideration for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists and fail to give them sufficient clearance when passing or merging.

Many teen drivers get into accidents because they are distracted. Talking to friends, texting, and focusing on anything other than the road can get a teen into trouble while driving. Drug and alcohol use is also a frequent factor in accidents involving teen drivers.

A Prairieville attorney could investigate the accident’s circumstances and determine whether a teen driver was driving with adequate care. If they were not, an injured person could pursue compensation.

Proving a Teen Was Negligent

An accident involving a young driver is not always the teen’s fault. The injured person must demonstrate the teen was negligent to recover compensation.

Proof of negligence comes in many forms. Violating a traffic law is evidence of negligent conduct.

Graduated Licenses

Louisiana Revised Statute §32:407 requires a parent to sign a minor’s application for any driving privileges. A teen between 15 and 17 may obtain a learner’s permit if they have completed a driver’s education class and written exam, and they may only drive when accompanied by another licensed adult.

Teens who have turned 16, held a learner’s permit for at least six months, and passed a road test can obtain an intermediate license. This license carries restrictions on night driving and transporting passengers. Graduated license holders who meet certain requirements can receive an unrestricted license when they turn 21.

Tougher DUI Standards

Although the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is .08 for adult drivers, it is only .02 for anyone under 21. A teen who has consumed any amount of alcohol could be charged with DUI.

Different Rules for Cell Phones

Drivers under 18 may not use a cell phone at all while they are behind the wheel, including in hands-free mode.

Parents Are Often Liable for Their Teen’s Negligence

Most teens are driving on their parents’ liability insurance, which is responsible for covering an injured person’s losses if the teen is at fault in an accident.

If the parents’ insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover an injured person’s losses, the parents may be personally liable for the teen’s negligence. A Prairieville attorney could look to all possible sources of compensation after a teen driving accident.

Contact a Prairieville Attorney If You Were Injured By a Teen Driver

Accident claims involving teen drivers present unique challenges. It is best to allow a professional to handle the legal work.

Consult an injury attorney about bringing a claim for compensation after a teen driving accident in Prairieville. A lawyer from Tomeny | Best could explain your rights and ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. The time to file a claim is short, so call today.

Tomeny Best

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